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   Chapter 186 Acquisition Of The Twin Blossoms

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Since Mindy was just a level six Energy Gathering Realm cultivator who still had a weak vital energy cultivation base, she could only get no more than three meters near the pure femininity blossom. The air around the flower was so cold, and Mindy couldn't endure it given her current state.

This was also hard for Austin, who was approaching the prime masculinity blossom from the other side. However, Austin, two levels higher than Mindy, could still resist the hot air around the prime masculinity blossom. He figured that it must be because the Golden Sun Scripture he had cultivated was a prime masculine and steadfast formula, it had helped him integrate into the hot air.

As soon as he thought of this, he started to activate the Golden Sun Scripture inside his body. The shining ball, which used to settle peacefully in his elixir field, was now continuously releasing a steady stream of pure and radiant energy throughout his body.

The energy flowed rapidly that Austin could obviously sense both of the cold inside and the heat outside his body were dispersed immediately by the pale golden light energy from the Golden Sun Scripture. The two extremes of cold and heat, from which he had suffered since he came to the bottom of the Mysterious Ancient Well, had been immensely mitigated.

Austin was surprised by the effect. It seemed that the power of the Golden Sun Scripture could resist the freezing and scorching air that had lingered for years in the ancient well. Austin was quite upset for had he found out about it earlier, he wouldn't have suffered so much.

Thinking of this, the operation of the Golden Sun Scripture had quickened. Austin could feel the constraint caused by the heat was slowly being lifted, and his movements gradually became freer. The pale golden vital energy flowing from his inside was so abundant that it even spilled over his skin, making his whole figure fully emitted with a pale golden light gleam.

On the other side, Mindy, who was trying her best to resist the cold, was stuck in an unpleasant situation. Her half-naked body and beautiful black hair were condensed in a thick layer of frost. And to make her situation even worse, the frost had started to thicken that she could almost be sculpted in ice under the aggressive cold air. The naked body was enclosed in the ice as if she had been living in a thousand-year-old ice cave.

When Austin saw her in that state, he was frightened and almost panicked. He knew that Mindy's life would be in danger if he didn't do something.

With his leg pressed on the ground, he moved to her side immediately. He grabbed Mindy' hand up and continuously transported his vital energy to her body to help her get warm.

Before Austin came to her rescue, Mindy was trying her best to resist the cold air around her. The formula that she cultivated was of pure femininity, same as the blossom she wante

suddenly recalled one thing. The freezing and scorching air that had been raging at the bottom of the ancient well became tranquil, slowly calming the atmosphere. The two different breaths of air, femininity and masculinity, now began to merge together and neutralize gradually.

What's more, the temperature at the bottom of the well also slowly returned into its normal state. Austin knew that these were all because the pure femininity and prime masculinity blossoms had been plucked by them.

Austin held the prime masculinity blossom in his hand and felt that it was almost the same with any other wildflower. The only unique thing was when holding it, he could feel a stream of warmth emanating from it.

'Hope you won't let me down!' Austin repeated in mind.

He took a deep breath and placed the blossom in front of him.

As soon as his thought arose, the fist-sized golden sphere in his elixir field buzzed and came out through his body. Hanging right above the prime masculinity blossom, the golden light shined on the precious blossom with a wisp of hot golden sunlight.

Since Austin had discovered that the sphere inside his elixir field could shine through his body and directly absorb the essence of elixirs and herbs, he reduced the way of taking them with his mouth.

If the elixirs and herbs were taken with the mouth, it would enter the body from the mouth, pass through the throat, and end up in the intestines and stomach. After they were digested, the essence of the medicine would be absorbed by the arteries and veins of the body.

When taking elixirs and herbs in that way, their potency would somehow be wasted, and its supposed effect on the body would not be maximized.

But if it were attracted and absorbed directly by the golden sphere coming out of his elixir field, all the essence of the medicine would be restored in the elixir field, minimizing any waste along the process.

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