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   Chapter 185 The Scene At The Bottom Of The Well

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8015

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You mean you killed all those members of the Blood Wolf Team? Including the one at the Earth Realm?

Mindy asked. Astonishment flooded over her when she saw the calm look on Austin's face.

Although she had a dragon feminine constitution, she hadn't activated its power yet. She was currently only at level six of the Energy Gathering Realm, and a cultivator of the Earth Realm was, to her, an undefeatable enemy.

Austin, however, had killed a cultivator of the Earth Realm and a dozen his companions in just an hour. That meant Austin's power was no weaker than a cultivator of the Earth Realm, even though he was only at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm.

A cultivator at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm was only one step away from the Earth Realm, but there was a significant difference between the two Realms.

It was a qualitative change to go across the divide between the Energy Gathering Realm and the Earth Realm. Many cultivators at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm hit a bottleneck which would take them several years or even over a decade before they could reach the Earth Realm. The difficulty of this process proved a wide gap of power and skill in between the two realms.

Normally, a cultivator of the Earth Realm could easily defeat a dozen rivals at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm. However, Austin managed to defeat a cultivator of the Earth Realm, which was a marked exception from the norm.

'He is not a simple person!' Mindy thought to herself. Ever since she met Austin, she had continuously witnessed things beyond her expectation. It amazed her how fast Austin improved in his martial arts skills and how skilled he was at fighting. Now she was further shocked by the fact that he was able to kill a cultivator of the Earth Realm. Without any doubt in her mind, she believed that Austin would reach the top of the hierarchy in the near future.

With these things in her mind, Mindy couldn't help but think of how fortunate she was to become Austin's friend. A friend with such promise would only provide her with benefits in the future. With a knowing glint in her eyes, her gaze turned to Austin.

Austin didn't mention anything about Violet who had already returned into his Space Ring, and Mindy didn't ask him about that as well. Everyone had his or her own secret, and Mindy didn't think that their relationship

pected, her hourglass figure was partly revealed under her ragged clothes.

Mindy noticed Austin staring at her, and her cheeks quickly turned glowing red.

Despite her embarrassment, she was not in the least astounded. It seemed that she had already expected something like this.

Suddenly, something popped into Austin's mind. Mindy had acted shyly when she first mentioned the twin flowers to him. That time, he thought it was embarrassment from asking him for help, but now he realized that he might have been wrong. He wondered, 'Did she already know that things would go like this?'

"Austin, you will go and get the red flower—the prime masculinity blossom, and I will get the black one—the pure femininity blossom."

Mindy said as she tried hard to repress her shyness. After all, they had come here to get the twin blossoms.

Austin nodded in approval. They then moved towards their goals respectively at the same moment.

As they approached the plant, the hot and cold winds became more and more overwhelming.

It was then that Austin realized that the origins of the cold and hot winds were the two flowers in the pool. Both were ordinary-looking, but the power that they had amazed Austin.

When they were only several meters from the twin blossoms, Mindy suddenly let out a scream and stopped in her tracks. Her face went extremely pale, and her teeth chattered. Her body shivered like a quail in winter.

"What's the matter?"

Austin asked with concern.

"It's too cold for me. I couldn't approach it anymore."

Mindy replied with a shaky voice.

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