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   Chapter 184 Kill All Of The Enemies

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 11228

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Austin began his Illusory Swordsmanship. Within seconds, five members of the Blood Wolf Team were lying dead on the ground.

Astonished by Austin's power, the other members of the Blood Wolf Team lurched forward to attack him. Since they were great in number, they were sure that they could take him down.

But in spite of being on his own, Austin was much stronger and managed to kill nine of them, leaving dead bodies splattered around in his wake. Only six more members of the Blood Wolf Team were alive.

Watching these people struggling to attack him, he couldn't help but let his lips curl up into a vicious smile. He knew how futile their efforts were. To him, fighting these cultivators who were at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm was a piece of cake.

With a swift wave of the Violet Royal Sword, he sent dozens of sword-lights zooming toward the six remaining members. Each sword light was pulsing with his strong vital energy force. If the six members were cut by these sword-lights, they would be in a great deal of pain.

This was the first time Austin was using Illusory Swordsmanship and he realized that it could give off so many sword-lights. What made it special was the fact that each of the sword-lights contained vital energy force that could hurt the opponent. It was a handy feature for fights like these where he had to go up against multiple opponents at the same time.

While the six members were busy trying to dodge the sword-lights Austin gave off, he started his Wind-commanding Skill. He took a few steps forward and stopped in front of one of the members who were holding a big knife with a scary ghost face on its hilt.

The member had just blocked one of the sword-lights with his knife when he found Austin suddenly standing in front of him like a ghost. Frightened, he tried to turn to Austin's direction to stab him with his knife.

But Austin was much faster than him.

That member of the Blood Wolf Team had barely moved when Austin punched him right in the chest with the force of a thousand pounds. His body curved inward from the impact and flew backward at the speed of a bullet, disappearing into the forest.

Austin was sure that this member was dead, so without even bothering to give him another look, he continued fighting with the others. He turned around suddenly and raised the Violet Royal Sword. His gaze was so intense that it looked like there were two sword-lights coming out of his eyes. His whole demeanor changed all of a sudden and he looked fearless and powerful.

Austin decided to take this opportunity to try the level one sword intent that he'd just learned. Until now, he'd been using his Illusory Swordsmanship moves without any sword intent.

'Now, let me practice my sword skills by fighting against you guys, ' Austin thought to himself with glee.

At that moment, the only thing in his mind was sword intent.

Inspired by the sword intent, the Violet Royal Sword began to buzz with energy, capturing everyone's attention. It was accompanied by a fog which quickly surrounded the sword like an aura.

The next moment, Austin's sword intent had full control of the Violet Royal Sword. Sword aura filled the whole area as Austin and his sword became one. They were inseparable now and nothing could divide them.

Austin was the sword! Th

s holding.

Since the head of the group was already in pain, he was too distracted to use his vital energy, The defense of the whip was easily broken through by Violet's black fox paw.

Taking this opportunity, Austin sent his sword at the head of the group. The sword contained both his vital energy and the sword radiance formed by sword intent. It swiftly cut off his opponent's right arm.

'No! It can't be!' the man thought to himself, horrified.

Although he had noticed Austin's sword, it had been too fast for him to dodge. He was bleeding severely from the place where his right arm used to be attached to his body.

In a mixture of pain and anger, he roared like a wild beast. In a second, his body retreated almost ten meters. Apparently, he had successfully cultivated himself with a bodily movement skill of a high level. When facing danger, he wanted to escape by any means possible.

Of course, Austin would never let him go. With a light stomp of his foot on the ground, he appeared right in front of the head of the group.

Violet was a demonic fox that could run at high speeds, so she joined them barely a second later.

The head of the group couldn't hold his long whip since his right arm had been cut off, so there was no way he could defend against the combined attack from Austin and Violet. In no time, his head was cut off by Austin's sword.

Austin had developed the habit of collecting trophies. Now that he had killed all of the members of the Blood Wolf Team, he had a good harvest this time.

Soon, he took all the wealth from the dead bodies.

He managed to collect more than ten thousand vital crystals only from the head of the group.

Since these people were robbers, they had much more wealth than ordinary cultivators. . .

After handling the Blood Wolf Team, Austin returned to the Mysterious Ancient Well and met Mindy.

"Did you manage to kill all the members of the Blood Wolf Team?" Mindy asked, looking a little astonished.

Austin explained the whole incident to her in a calm voice. The longer Mindy listened to him, the more puzzled her face looked. She took a quick glance at his bloodstained clothes and could almost not believe what she heard.

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