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   Chapter 183 Fighting Back

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10092

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When Mindy learned that members of the Blood Wolf Team were chasing them, she could not help panicking instantly. She had heard rumors surrounding that team and was frightened.

"Austin, what do we do?" she asked worriedly.

"We have to do whatever we can. I'll take care of these guys first. You find a place to hide! I think this ancient well will serve the purpose."

Austin replied and started tiptoeing towards where the Blood Wolf Team was.

Mindy was only on the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. There was no way she could deal with the Blood Wolf Team, which meant in no way that Austin was going to let Mindy do so.

However, when she heard that Austin was going to fight the Blood Wolf Team alone, she was stunned and hesitant to hide. Although to the best of her knowledge, Austin was a fierce and a remarkable fighter, but the Blood Wolf Team was notorious for being bloodthirsty and ruthless savages. And it was said that their master was at the Earth Realm.

No matter how powerful Austin was, it would have been impossible for him to fight more than a dozen members of the Blood Wolf Team with only his physical strength.

At first, Mindy thought she had misheard Austin's intentions. But when she saw Austin's figure disappear into the grass and thorns like a ghost, she realized in horror that he really was going to fight the members of the Blood Wolf Team alone. She stomped her feet hard in the ground in exasperation.

"Why is that stupid boy so reckless!"

As soon as she got vital energy all over her body, she started following Austin. It was clear that she would most probably die this time; she was far out of her depth here. But she simply couldn't just go, hide somewhere, and ignore Austin's life. Although she was weak, she could at least be able to help Austin a little bit in the fight.

However, as soon as Mindy moved, Austin noticed her movement, which made him feel fuzzy inside. He suddenly stopped and turned around. When he noticed Mindy was really following him, he ran back quickly.

"Trust me, I can take care of them. And please ignore my being so blunt, but if you come with me, you will only drag me down!"

He told her decidedly. Then he used his Wind-commanding Skill to shoot himself far away within an instant so she could not follow him anymore.

Mindy stopped and stared at his distant figure in the forest. She bit her lower lip and felt annoyed by what Austin had just said.

'This guy is such a snob! How dare he treat me like a drag!' she thought to herself.

But in any case, however mad she might feel about Austin, there was no other choice and she still had to hide near the Mysterious Ancient Well with her breath subdued.

... ...

With his spiritual sense, Austin accurately located the members of the Blood Wolf Team.

When he had reached about a hundred meters away from them, Austin stopped moving.

Through his mind, he told Violet, who was inside the Illusion Bead, what was going on.

Hearing his

, it slammed at the leader.

"Demonic beast! You are a demonic beast!"

Feeling the surging demonic power on the illusory fox claw, the leader realized that the beautiful woman he was slightly smitten with was actually a demonic beast.

The leader of the Blood Wolf Team was after all a good fighter who had experienced hundreds of battles. He retreated backwards quickly and brought out a black whip from his paraphernalia. He managed to block the coming illusory fox claw with the twirling whip.

As soon as Violet and the leader of the Blood Wolf Team started fighting each other, Austin immediately utilized his Wind-commanding Skill and approached the rest of the team like a ghost. The Violet Royal Sword in his hand struck out like lightning, and it was a remarkable and precise Illusory Swordsmanship that he was unleashing now.

Suddenly, several shining swords knitted over the air much like fog appears above a misty river. It was so sudden and powerful that it was completely unclear which sword light was real and which one was fake. The real swords seemed to mingle and dissolve into the fake ones like a pair of white lights.

In the face of Austin's Illusory Swordsmanship, the members of the Blood Wolf Team could not distinguish their actual enemy. All they could do now was to whip out their life-saving skills and protect themselves helplessly.

Even after that, within a moment, three or four weaker members were killed off.

The remaining six or seven were deeply frightened now, and had half a mind to flee. They felt powerless fighting against Austin. His Wind-commanding Skill was allowing him to move so fast that they could not hit him at their own speed at all.

And his Illusory Swordsmanship had unleashed fifteen sword lights which had blinded them. It also prevented them from telling the real swords apart from the illusory ones. It was very hard to fight against such magical powers.

"Everyone gather in a group! Don't split up, and besiege him."

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