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   Chapter 182 Arriving At The Valley

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In high spirits, 35 outer disciples stood in the courtyard, staring hopefully at Austin.

Austin was the most popular and the most prominent man among the outer disciples recently. Rumor had it that he would reclaim the title of "No. 1 outer disciple."

People always admired the strong and powerful. Being around Austin had them in total awe and adoration.

Meanwhile, for Austin, seeing his followers eager to serve him got his adrenaline pumping.

He delivered a speech before all of them, after they had declared their loyalty to him. He urged them to focus on cultivating their vital energy, and moreover, to always stay together. Austin believed that unity meant strength, and focusing more on the quality of his followers rather than the quantity was more crucial to him. This way, he would be able to focus on helping them cultivate their skills and strengths.

On that day too, he took out a large number of vital energy crystals, and gave each of them 1, 000, making him spend 35, 000 vital energy crystals in total.

He had more than 300, 000 vital energy crystals in his Space Ring, and offering 35, 000 wouldn't hurt his fortune.

But to the outer disciples, it was already a large sum of money—considering their current status and level.

Everyone was thrilled to receive 1, 000 vital energy crystals, thankful that they followed the right leader.

Austin, however, accepted them as his followers on the spur of the moment. It was a quick judgment on his part. He was not ready to spend most of his time with them, as he was used to only having Evan around and his pet, Violet.

So he chose two of the most intelligent and capable outer disciples and had them manage the team on his behalf.

The two chosen team leaders were Donald Lei and Curtis Zhang. They were at level 6 of Energy Gathering Realm and both had excellent communication skills too.

Austin asked Donald and Curtis to stay while he dismissed the others. He gave each of them an extra 1, 000 vital energy crystals as a reward and urged them to discipline the team for him. . . . .

After he was done, Austin went back to his cultivation room and began to practice Golden Sun Scripture.

He and Mindy would set off to the Mysterious Ancient Well tomorrow. According to her, it was a dangerous place, and as such, he needed to be fully prepared.

Early the next morning, when Austin arrived at the mountain pass of Sun Sect, Mindy was already there waiting for him. He could tell that Mindy attached great importance to the pure femininity blossom.

He felt a little embarrassed to have a lady waiting for him.

When she saw Austin, Mindy gave him a sweet and dainty smile, and soon after, they began to start their journey.

Their destination was fifty miles away from Sun Sect—neithe

the sight of the place.

Not until then did Austin realize that living things couldn't inhabit such an environment.

"The twin blossoms will not blossom until two days later. Why don't we put up the tent and wait here? We'll pick the blossoms in two days," Mindy offered.

Austin nodded without hesitation.

All of a sudden, he felt something. He began to use his spiritual sense to check what was going on within four hundred meters.

With the spiritual sense, he saw several people.

Slowly growing in number, they entered the valley in succession.

There were about more than ten of them.

One of them wore a blood-red cloak, which was very eye-catching.

The giant wolf on the cloak reminded Austin who he was.

He must be from the Blood Wolf Team!

It seemed that the Blood Wolf Team had gotten the news as soon as Austin had left the Sun Sect, and sent people to kill him. They were definitely on his trail.

Five members of the Blood Wolf Team had been killed in the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain.

Blood Wolf Team didn't know who killed them. And because they died while carrying out their mission to kill Austin, they automatically thought it was him who assassinated them all.

Austin could tell that the man in the red cloak reached the Earth Realm.

"Seems like we can't just wait here for two days," said Austin.

Puzzled, Mindy asked him why.

He told her what he had seen.

Mindy was pale with fear when she heard that people from the Blood Wolf Team were after them. The team was well-known in Violet Orchid Empire as they had a reputation of being a cruel and brutal team of cultivators.

Upon learning that a cultivator of Earth Realm and more than ten members of the Blood Wolf Team were hunting them, Mindy was gripped by terror.

All the lively colors had left her cheeks.

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