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   Chapter 181 The Dragon Feminine Constitution

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Austin was surprised to hear Mindy's words. He knew that Mindy was a decent person since he had known her for a while. This girl wouldn't be asking for his help if she didn't have any good reason to do so.

"May I ask what it is?"

Mindy's face blushed in shame upon hearing those words. She felt her heart beat a bit harder, so she began to breathe a little faster than usual. Moreover, her clear, innocent eyes were suddenly filled with timidity and shyness.

Seeing her reaction aroused Austin's curiosity. Thus, he wondered, 'What exactly does she want me to do? She was the one who asked me for a favor, didn't she? So why is she looking so shy to tell about what it is?'

"I can't help you unless you let me know what to do."

Forced to talk, Mindy took a deep breath and steadied herself.

She then said, "Austin, do you know that there are some people in this world who are just naturally special? They are born with different constitutions than others.

Some constitutions are good for cultivating, some are easy to recover from injury, while some are good for fighting. Moreover, there are also some people who are born with a pure feminine constitution. They can make really good progress in practicing feminine skills. In short, there are all sorts of strange and unique constitutions in this world."

Austin thought about it for a moment and then asked, "Do you mean people of peculiar constitutions? I seem to have heard of it before."


Mindy nodded and then added, "Austin, actually, I'm one of them. I am a person with a special constitution."

Austin's face became serious. His neck almost popped when he turned to Mindy and shot her an amazed stare.

"You have a special constitution?"

People with special constitutions often possessed magical abilities that no one else owned. Who would have thought that a seemingly ordinary girl like Mindy had a special constitution?

"Yes. I was born with a dragon feminine constitution. People like me are naturally suited to practice various feminine energy-oriented skills and martial arts. Furthermore, we don't just progress much faster than others during practice. There's just simply almost no bottleneck with what we can do."

"No bottleneck in your practice! That's unbelievable!"

Austin had always been amazed by people with magical abilities. Ordinary people were bound to be limited by their own potential and talent. They could only reach a certain level regardless of how hard they tried. With these things said, those who were with ordinary constitution could only go as far as what their conditions allowed in martial arts.

However, if a person with the dragon feminine constitution like Mindy practiced the feminine skills, this person would con

he other hand, Mindy was overjoyed to hear his answer. A wide smile instantly cracked her lips.

"As I said, it is very dangerous to go to the Mysterious Ancient Well to get the twin blossoms. If we don't pick the two blossoms of the opposite properties simultaneously, the vital energy of heaven and earth in the well will be plunged in chaos. If that happens, even the cultivator in the Mysterious Realm cannot escape, let alone us," she told Austin honestly. "So, you'd better think it over before making a final decision. Why don't you take your time and let me know your decision after three days instead?" she added.

Austin gave her a smile.

"No need. Cultivators value valor, fearlessness, and indomitable will. We don't value indecision. Now that I have promised you, I won't go back on my word, Thus, I don't need to think about it anymore. Besides, we just have to work together and pick them at the right time."

Hearing Austin's words, Mindy gave him a sincere gaze.

"Thanks a lot, Austin," she muttered, full of gratitude.

Mindy was more than sure that her cultivation rate would amazingly improve once she successfully picked the pure femininity blossom. It was after it that she would become a legend.

By then half of the credit must go to Austin.

"When are you going to set out for the ancient well?"

inquired Austin.

"Tomorrow. This is not a small matter, so I want to start early. We need enough time to prepare once we reach the Mysterious Ancient Well."

"You're right. Let's start tomorrow then."

Afterward, they agreed to meet at the mountain pass of the Sun Sect the next morning and then head for the valley where the Mysterious Ancient Well was.

As soon as Mindy left, Evan and Herbert came to Austin's house with the thirty-five outer disciples who had joined Austin.

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