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   Chapter 180 Mindy Asks For Help (Part Two)

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Yes! Herbert is very poor and he has to borrow money from me to make a living. Don't worry Herbert. We are buddies after all! I won't ask you to pay me back.

Hearing that, Herbert was so glad that he immediately paid Evan a compliment.

Austin gave him a glance and couldn't help shaking his head.

Herbert had obtained seven contribution credits in the Beast Mountain. If he had come to the sect and exchanged them with daily supplies, he wouldn't have had to borrow money for his meals.

It was obvious that Herbert was taking advantage of Evan's generosity.

Austin knew that Herbert was a nice guy, but he was greedy when it came to money.

Despite this little flaw, he had always been standing on the right side on major occasions.

For example, a few days ago, thinking that Austin had died in the Grand Desolation Mountain, Marvin had kicked Evan out from Austin's apartment.

Although Herbert wasn't very competent, he had taken the risk of offending Marvin in order to take care of Evan. Sadly, this act of kindness got him in a pickle in the end.

"Tin, can you ask Marvin to send me some vital energy crystals as well? After all, his men had given me a lot of trouble some time ago. So he should give me some compensation too.

Since you're so powerful now, I'm sure he wouldn't dare refuse if you'll be the one asking him. It would be a relief to make him spend more money!"

Herbert said, trying to encourage Austin to extort more vital energy crystals from Marvin.

Austin knew that Herbert had suffered a lot because of Evan these past few days, so he took out a number of vital energy crystals

and piled them up in front of Evan and Herbert.

There were thirty thousand vital energy crystals in total.

"Evan, take an additional ten thousand vital energy crystals. Herbert, take twenty thousand vital energy crystals. Now both of you have twenty thousand vital energy

immediately run out

to inform the disciples.

Austin measured up his yard and smiled bitterly.

For the few days, he had messed up the yard while he was practicing. The plants in the yard had been sliced into pieces and were scattered everywhere.

Under the impact of the sword power, deep grooves appeared on the ground which made it look like a field that had recently been plowed by a farmer, waiting to be sown.

'It seems like I have to ask those disciples to clean the yard for me, ' Austin thought.

Only during such moments, did he appreciate the benefit of having followers.

"Austin, are you there?"

Suddenly, a young woman's voice rang outside.

Then a slim figure came in.

It was no other than Mindy.

Austin hadn't seen her since he came back to Sun Sect after vanquishing the demon fox, Violet.

And he had been occupied with trivial matters since his recent promotion to the outer disciple, so he hadn't had time to inquire about her.

He was actually surprised that Mindy came looking for him of her own accord.

"Austin, the vital energy refining formula you're practicing seems to be a prime masculinity method, right?" she asked.

Austin nodded, puzzled.

"Can you do me a favor? But it might be dangerous!"

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