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   Chapter 179 Mindy Asks For Help (Part One)

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After grasping level one sword intent, Austin stopped practicing the Illusory Swordsmanship.

By practicing it, he mainly achieved two important things.

First, when he used this swordsmanship, he could shoot about fifteen beams of sword radiance. Each sword radiance required some vital energy.

Since Austin had mastered the Golden Sun Scripture, the vital energy in his body was much stronger than that of the cultivators on the same level. Furthermore, the vital energy stone in his elixir field stored huge amounts of vital energy which came from the Celestial Energy Ginseng.

Now he had enough vital energy to shoot fifteen streaks of sword light. However, in addition to vital energy, the cultivation was also based on the cultivator's degree of understanding and application of it. Hence, despite the fact that Austin could only shoot fifteen beams of sword light, the progress he had made was already considered remarkable.

After all, he had just begun practicing this swordsmanship skill several days ago.

The level one sword intent was the second achievement he gained from the swordsmanship.

Sword intent was not based on the cultivator's vital energy or his martial arts skill level. It totally depended on the cultivator's talent. Only if he was very gifted could he understand the intent of the martial arts skill, so it was impossible to grasp the sword intent by hard practice alone.

After summarizing what he had learned in the past few days, Austin suddenly heard Evan and Herbert shout outside.

That was when he realized that he had been cultivating for about four days straight already, without even eating or drinking.

Even so, he was delighted with the improvement he had achieved in the past few days.

He cleared his throat and said, "Come on in!"

Evan then immediately walked in the room, but Herbert was a little hesitant. He had only taken two steps when he suddenly stopped.

"Tin, are you sure we can come in? Is there no danger in the room?" Herber

rbert suddenly started to flatter Austin. He longingly gazed at the vital energy crystals.

Austin knew Herbert's character, so he was aware of what the latter was thinking. He inwardly laughed, but didn't say anything.

Herbert cleared his throat and continued, "Tin, what you said inspired me so much! From today onward, I promise to practice harder in order to achieve a higher cultivation level as soon as possible. I promise I won't hold you back in the future."

Herbert patted his chest while speaking, as if his practice was in order to impress Austin.

"Good! I hope you manage a breakthrough and reach a higher level soon."

Austin laughed crazily in the inside, but he continued to play dumb and didn't say anything Herbert expected to hear.

Seeing Austin hadn't understood his intentions yet, Herbert awkwardly cleared his throat again.

"Tin, as you may well know that although I'm planning to practice cultivation in order to reach a higher level, I sadly cannot afford my meals.

If you don't believe me, you can ask Evan. I had to borrow money from him in order to pay for my meals these days.

Speaking of which, I really appreciate Evan's generous help!"

Evan was an honest man, plus he had been getting well with Herbert recently, so he immediately nodded in order to back up Herbert's claims.

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