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   Chapter 176 Learning Illusory Swordsmanship

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Austin finished counting his booty.

He then sat cross-legged and decided to practice the Golden Sun Scripture.

The scripture had obvious effects on power storage and damage caused in attack. No matter how busy Austin was he would squeeze some time to practice it, at least once a day.

However, it seemed that the required amount of vital energy in practicing it was much greater than that of other formulas. Its effect was more noticeable than that of the other formulas, too.

In his earlier practices, Austin felt as if his energy pool had turned into the vortex of a whirlpool, and every time the Golden Sun Scripture was activated and progressed, the vital energy diffused in the nearby space was dragged in.

When he had to stop, the energy in the nearby space would be emptied. When he felt the arid air, he couldn't help but feel both amazed and appalled.

Since then, he had been afraid that others might sense it. So he decided to choose a quieter and secluded space to study the scripture, in order to escape the notice of others.

This time, four hours passed before he stopped. The energy pool in Austin's elixir field had grown to the size of a fist in the shape of a light ball. It pulsed and surged, giving out a blazing and dazzling light that illuminated Austin's whole body and filled him full of surging vital energy.

There was also another surprise because Austin found out that the energy mass could help him draw power from herbs or elixirs by assimilating all of their essences.

It happened twice before but they were uncontrollable.

But now it was not only controllable but proved to be more efficient than taking the elixirs orally. The energy transformed through the light ball was of a lower attrition rate.

When one ingested an elixir, the substance would pass through one's mouth, throat, intestines, and stomach. During the process, the energy contained in the elixir would have been consumed a great deal. In terms of quality and quantity, the energy assimilated that way was lesser.

Austin suddenly remembered something and quickly took out a pile of elixirs from the Space Ring.

Back in the outer range of Grand Desolation Mountains, he had harvested a great amount of elixirs from Gilbert, Nigel and other men. Gilbert's collection in particular contained many high-grade elixirs.

Also, he received many valuable elixirs from Raymond and his men.

In total, the elixirs he owned summed up to no fewer than a dozen now.

He c

xt moment, he brandished the sword and stabbed it forward like he had calculated it for many times. Thousands of images of swords appeared around him accompanying his every strike.

One by one, he started trying out the skills recorded in the Illusory Swordsmanship. His sword was sharp as Death's scythe and his moves were elusive and unpredictable. Where he moved about, his whole body was armored by Sword-lights.

With his every attack, his sword appeared and disappeared at will. The residual images it left behind shrouded him like a shadow that blinded the eyes and interrupted the view.


Suddenly, he thrust forward again with his sword flashing in the mist. The attack was powerful, unrelenting and lethal. Apparently, his moves were exactly what the Illusory Swordsmanship was like!

No matter how talented he might be, when a cultivator learned about a skill, he had to go through the process from unskilled to skilled.

However, Austin was all different. Although it was his first time to learn this swordsmanship, his sword was so natural and smooth; it appeared as if he had practiced it since his birth. By chance, he would also do some ingenious moves.

'It is so strange!'

Even Austin himself was puzzled.

At the same time, he felt so pleased with himself.

Austin never considered himself a genius. However, he had been practicing for only a few hours and he had already mastered the gist of the swordsmanship. The rhythm in his moves both proper and artistic became evident. Every time he wielded the sword, his moves became even smoother.

It was as if he had been working on this swordsmanship for years!

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