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   Chapter 174 Take An Eye For An Eye

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Inside the bungalow, where the outer disciples lived, stood room 928.

Two outer disciples stopped by its door.

"Well, I guess this is Evan's room. After we knock and enter, we shall treat Evan politely. It is said that he is Austin's best friend. Austin will definitely not let go of us if we offend him."

"Yes, we've got it. Just take it easy."

One of the disciples cleared his throat before he stepped forward to gently knock on the door.

"Hello, does Evan live here?"

Evan, who was inside, was stunned to hear someone knock and call his name.

"Gosh! Marvin's men might be here again to stir troubles."

"Marvin is really an asshole. He has ransacked and occupied Tin's house. Now, he even intends to drive us away too," another outer disciple inside Evan's room complained.

"Kaaahhkkk. This doesn't really concern. They will not bother you as long as you leave me alone. Why are you seeking trouble?"

"Hey, Evan. Don't treat me like an outsider. Tin and I have been good friends since we met in the Beast Mountain for the first time. Now, we treat each other like brothers. Rest assured, Evan. Tin's businesses are mine. I swear I will not leave you behind," the outer disciple replied. Then, he paused and kept silent for a while before he continued, "Wait. Listen carefully. They don't sound like Marvin's men. Will they call you that politely?"

Evan was stunned as well. He was also confused about why the people outside called him in that polite manner.

As the outer disciple had reminded him, Evan recalled that Marvin's men just called him shit or bastard. They would never address him by his name.

"Is Evan here?"

The knock at the door was heard again.

This time, both men inside the room heard it very clearly.

"I told you-they are not Marvin's men."

With this assurance, Evan stood to get the door.

As soon as he opened it, two outer disciples entered the room. The disciples were full of excitement immediately after they saw Evan.

"Evan, you are really here. We have found you at last. Go and tell Lin that Evan is here."

As ordered, another disciple instantly rushed away to find Austin.

'Lin?' Evan repeated the name in his head.

He was baffled by who Lin was.

"You are..." Before Evan could finish speaking, he paused to think. After some thoughts, he continued, "Why are you looking for me? Who is Lin?"

Evan questioned, as he was confused by many questions.

"Come on, Evan. Lin is Austin. It was him that asked us to find you."

'Lin?' Evan repeated the name again, trying really hard to remember who that man was. Austin?

It is Tin!

"Is the man you mentioned Tin?"

"Yes, you are right."

'Tin has come back!' Evan silently exclaimed to himself.

Evan was so pleased to hear the good news about Tin that he even forgot the seething pain of his broken arms.

Meanwhile, a familiar figure showed up outside, walking towards his

Raymond was overtly arrogant, disdainful, and bossy.

But anyway, every penny deserves its value. Even though it had almost cost them three to four thousand vital energy crystals, the medicines they bought from the Medicine Hall were the most valuable and effective. After Evan used them, his injuries were immediately healed to a great extent. Although he still felt a little pain in both of his arms, he had already been able to move around by himself.

"Now, it is time to take revenge. Evan, let's go and find Marvin's men who bullied you. Let them repay you double the price."

"Tin, Marvin's strengths seemed to be a little powerful."

Evan hesitated a little because he knew that Marvin was recognized among the top 5 outer disciples. Although he was certain that Marvin's men were no match for Austin, Evan knew that Marvin himself was a powerful opponent for Austin.

"Evan, just relax. Marvin was beaten by Austin. It is said that he has planned to meditate in seclusion. If that is true, his men will be left with no one to lead them."


Evan was pleasantly surprised to hear that. Recently, he had been heavy-hearted and had suffered a lot because of Marvin.

Besides, Marvin's men had bothered Herbert over and over again recently, just because he took care of Evan.

"Ahh ha ha. What goes around comes back around. Marvin has gotten what he deserves. I am thrilled to know this. I will find a string of firecrackers and set it off for celebration later," Herbert suddenly exclaimed with great excitement.

"Last time, Norris even asked me to climb over below his thighs. Hmm, fortunately, I ran away so fast. This time, I would like him to climb below my thighs," Herbert complained with a grin on his face.

Hearing Herbert's complaint, Austin realized because he took care of Evan, he had suffered a lot of pain too.

Austin really appreciated Herbert's help.

"Let's go and take an eye for an eye!"

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