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   Chapter 173 Sworn Oath Of Brotherhood

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7471

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Hey! Austin, as you know, among the other disciples, there are a large number of them, who have the same interests, have formed various groups and the sect leaders do not restrict them from joining these groups. They are encouraged to join groups as long as they want.

The disciple explained. After a while, he continued, "For the outer disciples, except some powerful ones like you can live a comfortable and extravagant life, it is tough to live alone for some low-level cultivators and warriors. They tend to get bullied by some gangs or other groups.

What's more, the gangs or groups often steal martial arts materials from those who were bullied.

For instance, when you left, Marvin's disciples ganged up on Evan and drove him out of your house. That's how they took over it.

We have no one to support and help us and that is the reason why we have been bullied for a long time before.

Now that you're backing us, you can help us take revenge on those scums! Besides, your great power convinced us totally, so could you please let us stay with you and serve you faithfully?"

The outer disciple said with sincerity, staring at Austin's face.

Austin listened calmly and said nothing. No one could know what he was thinking--or if he was really thinking of the proposal at all.

"Do you want to form an alliance with me? You are independent and free. Are you willing to subject yourself under my command?"

Austin replied, staring at the disciple.

"Yes. Your cultivation base has persuaded us. I'm willing to follow your command!"

The disciple nodded and answered firmly.

Austin clasped his hands and said nothing. No one could gauge whether he was happy with the new set up or not.

"Austin, if you accept our request, I'm sure there will be many other disciples who will certainly join us."

"Aha! What do you mean?"

Austin curiously queried. He seemed to be interested in those last words.

"When they were leaving, I overheard several disciples discussing how powerful and capable you were. Based on their talk, I can tell that they adore you very much. I even think that some of them said they hoped to stay with you to avoid being bullied by other outer disciples."

"Aha, I hav

ere were so many houses which looked the same, so it was hard to find out Evan's.

Moreover, Austin had only been there once, so it was a strange place for him. He was lost in the area and didn't know where they could begin to find Evan's place.

After all, it was impossible for them to find Evan just by calling out his name loudly.

"Austin, don't worry! You just wait there, and we'll find him. I have been living here, and I knew many neighbors, so it will be easy for me to find Evan."

An outer disciple said, and then the seven disciples went to the area.

'It's wonderful to have some followers! Because of them, things seem to be much easier.'

Austin rejoiced and for the first time, in a short period, right after being proclaimed as a leader, he had already experienced the benefit of being a leader. . . .

In a small house, a stout young man laid on the bed in gloom. His arms were wrapped with thick white gauze from which blood oozed.

There was another man in the small house who sat on the edge of the bed and kept him company.

"Evan, do you feel better?"

"God! I think my hands are broken. I don't know if it would be healed ever."

Evan sighed sadly with a sad face.

"I have heard from Marvin that Austin was killed at the Grand Desolation Mountain. It can't be true, right?"

"I don't think so. It would not be easy to kill Austin. He is a lucky man! I trust my intuition that he will be back soon, so you need not be worried."

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