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   Chapter 171 The Ranking Challenge

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Austin turned and looked at the outer disciple calmly, his face a mask.

The two gazed at each other for a long moment.


I've asked you to leave in my capacity as the owner of this house. Why are you still standing at my gate?" Austin asked.

"Okay. You're the former number one of the outer ring. You enjoyed that pseudonym for some strange reason. And I, for yet another weird reason I don't know yet, have become interested in you," the ordinary-looking outer disciple began talking.

"What are you talking about? Are you interested in me? I'm sorry but I'm only interested in women. You need to look for someone else," Austin joked before pursing his lips to stifle a smile.

"The Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge will be held in fifteen days. Will you be attending it?" the outer disciple asked, ignoring Austin's jibe.

Austin was stunned.

Of course, he knew about the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge!

Three years ago, Austin had taken part in the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge. He had defeated all other outer disciples and emerged victorious, resulting in being ranked number one.

It was in the past, but the memory of his experience and the resultant glory still brought joy to him.

However, Austin had now become less impulsive as he tried to start and live a new life.

What was most important to him now was to improve his cultivation base and his power.

In these three years, the people who had almost beaten him to death had been promoted to the position of principal disciples, even their cultivation bases had been at the Earth Realm. If he was content being an outer disciple, did it make sense to only fight for the fame that came with being number one?

"Well. All that, for me, is in the past. If you want to attend this Ranking Challenge, you're most welcome to. You can go directly there. I don't care and it has nothing to do with me anymore. Please leave me be," Austin replied coldly.

He was wearing a cold expression when speaking.

"It seems like these past three years haven't been kind to you," the disciple said, nodding.

He maintained his calm as he sighed.

"But there is one thing I'd like to remind you. This Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge is different from what it was earlier. The disciples to hold the top three positions have the opportunity to be directly promoted to become principal disciples. The Sect has always tried to choose the most talented disciples. And once they have been chosen, they have a lot coming up. They will be sent to a mysterious ancient location to try to wrangle a piece of good luck. And I believe you should be really interested in this information," the outer disciple said, e

ust to express our gratitude. We hope you will accept it."

Saying thus, the disciple took the cloth bag slung across his body and handed it to Austin.

"We all are extremely thankful to you," the other six outer disciples echoed.

They headed over to Austin and bowed to him, their hands folded.

Austin took the bag and knew instantly that there were about one thousand vital energy crystals in there.

"What you really want," Austin said, deadpan, "is for me to help you from being bullied by Marvin's followers. Isn't it?"

Austin wasn't naive. He had deduced what they had wanted almost at once.

The first outer disciple was stunned. He couldn't discern how Austin felt about it.

After silently hesitating for a bit, he seemed to make up his mind to tell Austin the truth.

"Mr. Lin. We want to know if you are going to form your own team," he said, putting Austin's question aside for the moment.

"What do you mean my own team?" Austin asked, unable to comprehend what the outer disciple was talking about.

He raised his eyebrows as he studied the shrewd-looking outer disciple.

Three years ago, Austin had become number one on the outer part. Although he had held the greatest power over there, he was always alone—attending trials, finishing tasks, and cultivating. He had gotten used to it.

But other top disciples of the outer part did have their own small teams.

If anyone had asked him this question three years ago, he would have refused it without a second thought.

But three years were a long time and Austin had changed a lot. He could see things differently. And if he had his own small team, it would probably be more convenient for anything that he wanted to do.

And though he had great power himself, it would be better for him if he had other helpers.

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