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   Chapter 170 An Ordinary-Looking Cultivator

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The outer disciples who had watched the fight between Austin and Marvin were standing in stunned disbelief.

But on second thought, they realized that it made more sense for Austin to triumph over Marvin.

In terms of martial arts skills, Austin and Marvin were equally matched. Austin's Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill and Marvin's Giant Magic Palm were both grade four.

However, Austin had reached level 9 of Energy Gathering Realm while Marvin was still at level 8.

When two cultivators with different cultivation bases of vital energy used the same martial arts skills, the skill of the cultivator with a higher cultivation base would be more powerful.

This meant that Austin was superior to Marvin.

With his Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, Austin had summoned three Grand Pagodas just like the last time when he'd fought with Billy. However, the power that emanated from the Grand Pagodas was much stronger now. It was obvious that Austin's vital energy had grown significantly.

Although Austin had defeated Marvin, he still looked calm and indifferent as if this fight didn't even matter to him. All the outer disciples had the same thought running through their mind as they looked at him. 'Austin used to be No. 1 among the outer disciples. It seems like the old Austin is back.'

"How is it possible? How could a nobody like him beat me?" Marvin murmured to himself.

His face twitched as blood oozed out of his mouth. He stared blankly at his opponent, unable to accept the outcome.

Ever since receiving rank No. 5 in the last Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge, Marvin hadn't lost a match with any other outer disciple. All the outer disciples, including those who had joined the Sun Sect before him, treated him with respect as if he was the eldest martial brother. Most outer disciples treated him with the utmost care as they didn't dare to offend him.

As time passed by, he had begun to feel superior. He had started putting on airs and talking down to others.

But now, he had been defeated by Austin in front of so many outer disciples. As his eyes swept over them, he realized that there was a discernible change in the way they were looking at him.

They used to hold him in awe and veneration. But now, disdain was written all over

h more luxurious than my original one. I guess the rent must be at least 5, 000 vital energy crystals a year, ' he thought to himself.

Austin stood before the gates to the luxurious house that Marvin had given to him.

"Guys, let's call it a day. This house is mine from now on. If you don't have anything to say, you may leave now. I have to tidy up this house and move in here. Once everything is done, I'll invite you guys over,"

Austin said in a loud voice to the outer disciples.

The outer disciples didn't want to leave, but they couldn't afford to offend Austin. Left with no choice, they left the house one after another.

With a satisfied smile, Austin turned around to enter the house.

All of a sudden, a ferocious murderous will came from behind him and locked him in place.

Austin immediately scanned the area with his spiritual sense.

He realized that one of the outer disciples hadn't left. He was still standing there, staring at Austin without saying a word.

With the help of his spiritual sense, Austin could tell that this outer disciple looked around 20 years old and extremely ordinary.

In a crowd, this man would be the last person that anyone would notice.

This ordinary man just stood there and stared at Austin without moving or saying a word.

But Austin could feel a strong aura emanating from the man envelop himself.

'A strong cultivator!

This man is no inferior to me. Judging from his aura, I don't think I can defeat him, ' Austin thought to himself.

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