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   Chapter 169 Defeating Marvin

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Austin was beaten back one more time. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves and looked up at Marvin. Seeing the powerful energy around him and the yellow shadow of palm, Austin was aware that his thousand-pound punch was still unable to break through the Giant Magic Palm that Marvin had mastered.

'It seems that the force of his fourth grade martial arts skill is extraordinary. And my punches aren't enough to confront it. I need to practice harder. If I can reach the second level of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, I can easily defeat Marvin with a force of five thousand pounds, ' he thought.

He was barely lost in thought for a moment when an idea struck him like a silver dagger.

'Okay, let's try this!'

Austin prepared himself, rolling up his sleeves and squaring his elbows.

He brought his hands together, intertwining his fingers into an unfathomable but awe-striking gesture. Meanwhile, his energy was gathering into a solid ball within him. Moments later, several threads of golden vital energy emerged from his palms, twisting at the center like little golden snakes in time with Austin's fingers and their movements.

The energy flowed strongly with the force of a tidal wave. Gradually, a glowing three-storied golden pagoda came into being. All the vital energy surrounding Austin seemed to be waiting in the wings.

"Oh good Lord! The Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill!"

The appearance of the Grand Pagoda caused a disturbance among the outer ring of disciples who had started gathering around them to watch the fighting. They instantly recognized what was on Austin's palms.

Every disciple knew that the Grand Pagoda had contributed towards Austin defeating Billy the last time.

And now, Billy went white as a sheet when he saw it again. Although he had tried cultivating his energy these past days, he was well aware that it was still beyond his capacity and that it was impossible for him to defeat Austin this time too.

Besides, Billy had the feeling that it was much easier and faster for Austin to generate it this time. And it looked like the energy contained within the Pagoda was more aggressive than the previous energy.

"I cannot believe this!" Billy yelled. 'Oh my God! It's the fluctuation of ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm!' Billy thought frantically, like a duck in a thunderstorm.

Marvin looked the Grand pagoda up and down, and suddenly, he felt his heart give a great throb. His color changed as he found out how much energy it actually contained. It was clearly much stronger than when Austin was challenging Billy.

He could see that the vital energy emanating off Austin's Grand Pagoda was much more powerful than

like a series of mountainous, rolling waves. In addition to the waves of energy, an almost suffocating pressure was sweeping over them and even the people standing some distance away could feel the freezing cold.

The Grand Pagoda made sure to chill the air as it spread.

The way the Grand Pagoda swept away all the obstacles in its path would be imprinted in every witness's memory and it would be a legend that they would tell their children about in complete awe.

As the golden energy of the Grand Pagoda met the shadow of Marvin's palm, the shock wave formed a cone of pressurized air molecules that moved in all directions and extended to the ground.

A grand thump was ringing in everyone's ears.

Before the shock wave disappeared, all the people heard a low, scary voice.

"Fuck off!"

It was Austin's voice. And the Grand Pagoda kept growing higher. It was weird that it was still glowing as if supported by a steady flow of vital energy. It soon overwhelmed Marvin's palm shadow, which gradually petered out until it finally disappeared.

A thud against the ground showed that Marvin was forced to retreat.

He was finally able to stop a hundred meters away, trembling and still staggering from the impact.

His face was red as a cooked shrimp because of suffocation. Moments later, he spat out a large glop of blood, unable to take it anymore.


The bystanders were silent for a moment before they erupted. Nothing had been as surprising as what had transpired today.

When Marvin had started to perform his Giant Magic Palm, all of them thought that it would be impossible for Austin to escape his doom. They thought that Marvin would grind him into ashes. But now that Austin had defeated Marvin, they had difficulty scraping their jaws off the ground.

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