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   Chapter 168 Giant Magic Palm

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As Marvin spoke, the vital energy force surged out of his body with such intensity that it started to be visible to the eye.

The powerful vital energy force spiraled around his body, making him look imposing.

"Wow, he's so powerful! No wonder he stands out among all the outer disciples!" one of the outer disciples gushed. All of them gaped and sighed in admiration as they looked at Marvin.

"Austin, let me remind you about something. Don't think that you can show off to all these outer disciples as you wish just because your physical strength has been enhanced to a certain extent. The truth is, physical strength means nothing because it will be eventually drained. A disciple's real strength is dependent upon his possession of vital energy and his skill in martial arts. Of course, it's a waste of my time to talk to you about martial arts skills. Since you're such a mediocre disciple, you'll never understand what I'm talking about!"

By now, Marvin had brought his strength into full play. He lifted both his palms up to the sky. Immediately, his palms became earthy yellow, producing a strong earthy smell.

Yellow light radiated into the sky, followed by the eruption of yellow palm shadows that hovered around Marvin. Soon, the palm shadows thickened under the sky as if they were going to penetrate it to reach heaven. The whole atmosphere was ominous.

The yellow palm shadows more or less looked like thunderbolts. Electric light spiraled around them like fiery serpents. Suddenly, a cracking sound thundered through the air. The area was suddenly covered in a thick white fog.

"Ah, the palm shadows look as mighty as thunderbolts. This palm skill is really rare and amazing!"

"Of course, grade four martial arts skills are as amazing as expected."

Most of the outer disciples in the Sun Sect didn't get a chance to learn grade four martial arts skills.

All the outer disciples looked at the imposing atmosphere Marvin had created in shock.

Just moments ago, the vital energy shield that Marvin had been wearing in front of his body had been shattered after a mere punch from Austin. At the sight of that, some of the outer disciples had mentally shaken their heads at Marvin's mediocre strength and undeserved reputation.

But now, after seeing the amazing power that Marvin had in his Giant Magic Palm, all the outer disciples acknowledged Marvin's mighty strength.

Although Marvin was at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he was ranked


With this sudden turn of events, Marvin started to view Austin with a little more respect. Now, he treated Austin as a worthy opponent.

"Damn it! Don't be complacent. I didn't harness all my power just now. But this time, I'll exercise as much of my power as I can," Marvin said coldly.

"Oh, is that so?"

Austin raised his eyebrows.

"Magic Seven Chops!"

Marvin shouted loudly.

All of a sudden, the hundreds of palm shadows scattered around Marvin converged into seven palm shadows that swiftly rotated and flew toward Austin from seven different directions. The air around them rumbled like there was an army with a thousand horses heading toward Austin.

Watching the palm shadows spiraling toward him at a fast pace, Austin finally felt that he had to put in more effort.

Although he could fight against these palm shadows with his tremendous physical strength, he wasn't skilled enough at using his strength yet. Now, Marvin had changed his tactics. He was no longer directly confronting with Austin with his palm shadows. Instead, he was subtly deploying his palm shadows to skillfully surround and suppress Austin.

As Austin stared at the electric light, an idea popped into his head. Suddenly, a black dagger and a red dagger appeared in front of Austin. The two daggers flew out of their sheaths toward the approaching palm shadows.

Austin stared at the scene with renewed enthusiasm. He channeled his tremendous magic strength into both of his arms to counter-attack the palm shadows.


The seven palm shadows slowly faded away, while Austin retreated a few steps once again from the force of the impact.

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