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   Chapter 167 A Strong Physical Body

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6708

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Austin punched the vital energy cover incessantly as if he was a fierce humanoid beast. Marvin felt Austin's punching was gradually destabilizing the vital energy cover and it would be broken any time now.

Marvin marveled at the person in front of him. How strong and vigorous was he! He attacked like a ferocious beast not by the virtue of his vital energy but by using his physical strength. Even his breaths exuded great power.

"But how could this be?"

Earlier, at the Beast Mountain, they had fought against two level-two evil apes together. By now, Marvin clearly knew Austin's strengths.

Of course, when they had not fought, he supposed Austin's biggest advantage to be his agile movements.

As for the cultivation of vital energy and combat capability, Marvin believed that he could outperform Austin.

But several months later, the Austin he was looking at was entirely a different person who had extraordinary physical strength.

"Is it possible that Austin acquired a superior elixir to enhance physical strength?"

Marvin speculated on this but then a second later, something broke his trail of thought.

"Austin, do you think you can break my vital energy cover with brute force alone? Hum! physical strength, it's so shallow that you can never reach a higher level."

After saying that, Marvin's billowing vital energy flowed more quickly on the vital energy cover.

The almost broken vital energy cover immediately became firm and steady again.

Austin saw that and promptly concentrated on the strength of his arms and began to beat the cover as if it were a drum.


He punched the cover non-stop.

Marvin kept moving backwards in an attempt to get rid of Austin's punches.

But Austin's cultivation base and bodily movements were now far better than Marvin's. No matter how he moved and dodged, Austin managed to appear in front of him and hit the vital energy cover with accuracy and force.

After several failures, Marvin eventually rea

"Still, I confess that you are the guy who deserves all my strength to fight against."

There was an arrogant look on Marvin's face with some kind of homicidal intent.

"This is my newly practiced fourth grade palm skill. I was going to reserve it until the top 10 challenges. Now you should feel honored that I am using it on you."

With that, Marvin moved slowly towards Austin. The crowd could feel Austin exuding a strong urge to kill.

He let off all his vital energy. His palms wore an earthy yellow sheen as if they were covered by a thick layer of the earth and were several times bigger than their normal size. To the onlooker, they looked extremely formidable.

"Hum! Austin, you think that you can beat me with your increased physical strength. How naive can you be! Be humbled into nothingness! A few months ago, you were cornered by me at the Beast Mountain. Today, too, I can crush you as easily. I with my bare hands will slaughter you here. Try the power of the skill of the Giant Magic Palm."

Marvin had wanted to reserve this newly practice palm skill until the top 10 challenges of outer disciples, which then he could have used as an ace in the hole to win the top 10 challenges.

But now, Marvin knew that he had to use it at this moment.

He could also try the power of the Giant Magic Palm today.

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