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   Chapter 166 Fighting With Marvin (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-12 15:51

There is very slim chance indeed that he survived in the mountains. Most probably, he was already torn to pieces by the diabolic beasts.

Don't forget that except us, there were also five members of the Blood Wolf Team hunting him.

And messing with the Blood Wolf Team is no trifle.

In the past several years, that team has killed many powerful cultivators, some of whom, were even superior to Austin. I am sure that he wouldn't have been a match for that team."

"Hump! That bastard Austin embarrassed me in front of so many outer disciples. I really hoped that I would have been able to peel him, break his bones and drink his blood! Lucky for him not to

ike a diabolic beast!' Marvin thought.

"Come on! Fight me!"

Austin shouted and continued his attacks without giving Marvin a chance to recover.

Again, his powerful fist slammed on the vital energy cover around Marvin.

"Rumble!" Once more, the bang was heard and

Marvin stepped three steps back again.

His vital energy cover was shaking even more violently now and it had become very unstable.

It was rising and falling like ocean waves, as if it would break at any time.




Since Austin's cultivation base in Wind-commanding Skill had improved significantly, Marvin had no time to dodge his attack at all.

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