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   Chapter 165 Fighting With Marvin (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5932

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Finally making up his mind, Austin glanced coldly at the outer disciples, as if he was indifferent towards them and threatened," Now, I am being kind enough to grant you more than a few minutes to clean this place up. If you fail to do so, none of you are going to leave here alive!"

It was a very strange and surprising threat, even for the guy who was lying on the ground with his arm cut off.

"Austin, you know very well that this is Sun Sect and we are outer disciples. If you kill us or if you try to harm us, the sect will know about it very soon," one of the outer disciples reminded Austin very cautiously, trying to keep his voice as friendly as possible. He was afraid that his reminder could be mistaken as a threat. Since where they were negotiating came under the territory of Sun Sect, it was obvious that the sect leaders wouldn't let go of Austin if they ever found out that he had killed their disciples.

Annoyed by the disciple's stupid reminder, Austin summoned the Twin Shadow Blades and then two gleams, one black and the other one dark red darted past the disciple's ears.

Feeling a slight coldness on either side of his face and then a sharp pain too, the disciple quickly touched his ears, but his hands only found a pool of blood. He was horrified to find that his ears had disappeared!

"You …"

He was so terrified and shocked that he didn't know what to say.

"Don't test my patience! Since you know that the sect will punish those guys who kill or hurt its disciples, why didn't you think of that when you put Evan in trouble and occupied my courtyard? I'm not a very patient person. Either you clean up the yard, or you die miserably!"

Austin replied in a cold and determined tone.

The outer disciples were too afraid to

"Marvin! Marvin, Austin is coming here to make trouble!"

The four disciples relaxed the very moment they entered Marvin's yard.

One of them shouted crazily while running into his yard.

Austin sneered and stood calmly in the middle of the gate, blocking the exit to prevent someone from fleeing.

In the yard, Marvin, Billy, and several other people who, by no means, looked like ordinary disciples were sitting at a table with a big meal laid out in front of them.

They seemed to have drunk a lot, as their faces had turned red.

"Hey guys! Do you think Austin died in the area where the level three diabolic beasts were staying?"

Billy asked. He was still resenting the fact that he hadn't been able to kill Austin with his own hands.

"He-he! Don't worry, Billy! The competence of a level three diabolic beast is about the same as that of a human at level eight or nine of Energy Gathering Realm.

I don't deny the fact that Austin was good in his bodily movement skills and combat effectiveness, but he was only at level seven of Energy Gathering Realm. Compared to a level three diabolic beast, his competence when facing the beast was far from enough.

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