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   Chapter 163 Kill Them All (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5827

Updated: 2019-06-12 15:48

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At Austin's command, all modes of attack activated in succession.

Each attack would kill one or two disciples from the Flaming Sun Valley.

The disciples at the Energy Gathering Realm were not strong enough to fight against the tremendous energy of the white column.

The only two cultivators of the Earth Realm, Rankin and Madden, fought against the energy columns, but they were ultimately exhausted and eventually died.

Raymond, however, did not die. It was Austin who intended not to attack him to keep him alive for a while.

When he was the only one left alive inside the array, Austin moved his body as quickly as a ghost. He gathered his array flags together into a cloth bag and put it into his space ring.

Raymond was only at the sixth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. If Austin killed Raymond with this array, it would be as easy as smacking a fly.

As the array was put away, Raymond, who had been scared out of his wits, started running away as quickly as he could.

"Ha ha ha! Do you really think you can escape successfully?"

Austin kept still until Raymond had run far enough for him to strike perfectly. He used his Wind-commanding Skill and strode only a step. In one second, Austin flashed before Raymond and stopped any of his movement.

Using only a hand, he swiftly clutched Raymond on his feet and held him upside down as a hunter would typically hold its caught prey.

"Austin Lin, you cannot possibly kill me. My grandfather is one of the Elders of the Flaming Sun Valley. If you kill me, my grandfather surely will not let you go..." Raymond began his threat, desperate to hold on to his life.

"If you let me live, I will grant you a significant amount of vital energy crystals. I c

e his home as he had spent all his teenage days here in the Sun Sect.

Austin directly went towards the house he had rented and saw that the gate was open.

''Why does Evan leave the gate open? Is he not aware of thieves?' Austin thought to himself.

He knew that Evan was a careless man and it was typical of him to always lose or forget something.

Shaking his head at this thought, Austin entered the yard.

But as soon as he landed several steps in, his face paled, and he immediately stopped.

On the stone table at the center of his yard were all wine and food. Five disciples were sitting around the table, raucously drinking and playing. Their faces were all red and seemed to be completely drunk.

His yard was a total mess! The plants were all on the ground, and there was even a smell of human excrement—it really stank so much!

The neat and clean yard when Austin left had become so filthy!

The disciples noticed Austin, who stood frozen and utterly surprised.

Immediately, all of them stood up, looking so flabbergasted as if they had seen a ghost. They did not expect that Austin would be back. Now, they were all dead meat.

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