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   Chapter 162 Kill Them All (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 6015

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As Austin shouted loud, the disciples from the Flaming Sun Valley gasped in astonishment. White energy surged from the southeast and formed a thick white energy column.

"Watch out!" someone exclaimed.

The two disciples of the Earth Realm also flinched upon sensing the enormous amount of vital energy contained in the white column.

All the disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley started to recklessly hide in great fear.

Ah Ah... .

Two disciples at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm seemed to have lower cultivation base than that of the others. They were not able to quickly duck from the upsurge and so were hit by the white column.

What followed were their cries of pain and torment. A huge hole was left on their chests as the energy column left its mark and the two fell on the ground—lifeless.

The disciples who witnessed what happened swallowed in fear, their hearts beating wildly in anxiety. The effect of the array was undeniably startling.

Actually, even Austin, who was surprised, had his eyes widely open and could not utter a word. He had never expected the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array to have such great power. It killed the two disciples at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm as if they were mere ants.

"Madden and Rankin, what should we do now? How can this array be so powerful? Think of a way on how we can deal with it! We need to get out of here! ...

Raymond, at this point, was not that aggressive and furious anymore—much different from how he was in facing Austin. After seeing the miserable death of the two disciples, he was terrified.

He knew that his cultivation base was only at the level six of the Energy Gathering Realm, far weaker than the two who had been killed by the array just now. He could a

ok place.

Now that Austin had employed the power of the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array, it was unnecessary to let Violet do as he planned.

As Austin's mind delivered this information, a charming woman showed herself from the jungle beside him. It was Violet. She gracefully walked towards Austin and glanced at the array attacking the disciples who were incapable of trying to escape.

Seeing this, amidst the chaos, Violet was shocked to realize the great power of the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array.

"Master, the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array is really amazing. Even I cannot successfully escape if trapped."

"According to Fanny's Grandfather, the array cannot be conquered by cultivators with cultivation base lower than the medium stage of the Earth Realm. Now it seems true!

Let's kill all of these people as soon as possible. If someone sees us killing so many disciples from the Flaming Sun Valley, we will be in so much trouble," Austin replied.

After he finished speaking, Austin started to shake the main flag again without any hesitation.

"Earth Trigram, start attacking!

Wind Trigram, start attacking!

Mountain Trigram, start attacking."

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