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   Chapter 161 Activate The Array (Part Two)

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Raymond growled with all his strength. His veins pulsed on his neck were like earthworms wriggling. He looked extremely horrible.

Madden and Rankin were two Earth Realm masters in the Flaming Sun Valley. When they saw that Raymond was so enraged, they exchanged a glance at each other then stepped forward to approach Austin.

The other Flaming Sun Valley disciples didn't dare disobey Raymond. They took out their weapons and approached Austin from different directions. There was a group of warriors fighting against Austin now.

"Hahaha, the Flaming Sun Valley enjoys undeserved fame! A dozen Flaming Sun Valley disciples came together to fight me, a single Energy Gathering Realm warrior. Have you thought how the martial arts practitioners in the world would think of this if they know?"

Austin burst into laughter when he realized that all of the men wanted to attack him together.

The two Earth Realm cultivators of the Flaming Sun Valley were flabbergasted when they heard his words. Their faces blushed in embarrassment.

It would bring them complete shame if words spread out that a dozen Flaming Sun Valley disciples, including two Earth Realm warriors with them, joined hands to surround and attack a young man who was only at the Energy Gathering Realm.

The Flaming Sun Valley disciples slowed their paces. The Flaming Sun Valley was the second largest sect in the Violet Orchid Empire. The disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley were very arrogant and looked at themselves as above others in the underground world of martial arts. They should be ashamed to do such unrighteous thing.

"What are you waiting for? As long as you kill him, no one else would know what you have done. Shit! I want him to die immediately! Go and kill him now!"

When he saw that all of the disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley wavered when they heard Austin's words, Raymond bristled with anger.

Yes! As long as they killed the guy, no one would know what had happened. They reasoned.

The two Earth Realm cultivators of the Flaming Su

the array. They suddenly found that their surroundings had rapidly changed. The trees, stones, mountains, and roads that they had seen just moments ago suddenly disappeared completely. What they could see now was nothing but blur and what was surrounding them was just ghastly pale mist that kept rolling in the air.

The swirling vapor was like a huge blanket that blotted out the sky and covered the sun. They were cut off from the outside world now.

"Austin, what the hell! What is this trick? Don't be a coward and let us out now!

Raymond panicked. He had no idea where he was. He kept running around the place like a headless chicken.

"Raymond, don't panic. That brat arranged the array beforehand to plot against us. It would be worse if we lose our heads now. We should calm down and think of a way on how we could break the array."

Madden and Rankin were the Earth Realm masters of the Flaming Sun Valley, so they were comparatively more composed to handle the crisis.

"Okay, think quickly. Break it! Now! Austin, just wait! When I break the array and get out of here, I swear I will tear you to pieces!"

"Huh! No way! You bunch of bastards don't have the ability to destroy my array! Keep on dreaming!"

Austin moved his toe and placed his foot on the spot where the eye of the array was situated.

"Wind Trigram, attack!" he shouted.

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