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   Chapter 160 Activate The Array (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6678

Updated: 2019-06-12 15:49

Huh! It never occurred to me that those useless men in the Blood Wolf Team failed to kill you!

Austin, you brat! Don't get carried away. Today, I will surely rip your skin off your weak body! I will disassemble your bones as a bonus! I will have the dogs drink your blood!

You will die a grave less death! My hatred of you will never end even on the day that you arrive in hell!

Raymond was completely exasperated by Austin.

A glimmer of doubt flashed through his mind. How could the guy be so calm when he was surrounded by a large group of disciples from the Flaming Sun Valley? He didn't show the slightest trace of panic at all.

However, the situation now was that a dozen Flaming Sun Valley warriors had cornered Austin. He was completely alone. Moreover, among the Flaming Sun Valley warriors, two of them were at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. There was little doubt that his plan would succeed this time. A lot of strong warriors were there to deal with Austin. He was just a poor guy at the Energy Gathering Realm.

"Come on, catch the asshole for me. I'll punish him with the cruelest torture that I could think of. I need to let him know that he has to pay for offending me!"

Raymond grinned hideously with his face twisted. He looked like a devil that was going to pick a human to eat as his lunch.

As soon as the order was given, three disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley approached Austin with malice written all over their faces.

The three disciples were all at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. If they attacked him together, even if the opponent was at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, they could probably crush him immediately.

"Huh, you bastard! You dare offend the Flaming Sun Valley! Where did you get the courage to do that? It's your turn to pay now!"

The three disciples formed a circle with Austin in the middle. Their vital energy surged within their bodies. They were ready to subdue the enemy at any

cases, the Twin Shadow Blades would not have only penetrated their shoulders.

With his Twin Shadow Blades, Austin managed to defeat the three Flaming Sun Valley disciples who were all at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense. No one dared to breathe.

All the other Flaming Sun Valley disciples couldn't believe what they had seen.

Although all of them had noticed that the vital energy of Austin was at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, it was still hard for them to believe that a warrior at the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm was able to paralyze three warriors who were at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. He was able to defeat them using only one strike of a martial arts skill. That was truly incredible. Austin's fighting capacity was so strong!

Even the two Earth Realm cultivators in the group of Flaming Sun Valley disciples were amazed with what they had seen. All of their faces darkened in fear. They decided to take Austin seriously.

Seeing the situation, Raymond got more furious. He didn't expect that even with three disciples fighting against Austin together, they still failed in capturing him.

"Shit! You all go and attack him together! Kill this brat! Madden! Rankin! You two go and fight him now!"

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