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   Chapter 158 Got The Swordsmanship

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Raymond recognized Austin as well. After observing him, he realized Austin was very interested in the sword skill, so he began to bid for it too.

In no time, the bidding price was raised to 350, 000 vital energy crystals.

Just when Austin was about to purchase the sword skill book, the price suddenly went up by 20, 000 vital energy crystals and seemed to keep rising. He was dismayed by this.

Although he still had more than 400, 000 vital energy crystals in his Space Ring, he didn't want to spend all his money on the sword skill.

He still needed other resources for his future practice, and there were other things to buy too. How could he afford to spend a fortune on the sword skill alone?

Ruminating on this, he glared back at Raymond.

He furiously clenched his fists with vital energy spurting in anger and boiling within his body.

If they were alone, he would have already jumped and punched Raymond, beating his whorish face into a pulp. But he couldn't do that here.

'Okay, calm down, Austin. There's always a way to set things straight. Don't fret and fuss when the other party is taking advantage of you. It's not good for you!'

Austin calmed himself with these words and took a deep breath.

Then he announced another bid. "360, 000."

His tone was calm and indifferent as if he was a rich boy who felt wronged and acted recklessly, and hundreds of thousands of vital energy crystals were nothing to him.

"370, 000," followed Raymond. Staring at Austin menacingly the whole time, he added 10, 000 to the price.

"380, 000!"

"390, 000!"

"400, 000!"

As the fierce battle continued, Austin and Raymond kept bidding aggressively for the skill book.

Although Austin's face was calm, internally, he felt as if a knife were being twisted in his heart. But for the skill book, he had to bite the bullet and try his best to look calm in front of Raymond.

"Master, this sword skill isn't worth so many crystals. Shall we stop here?" asked one of Raymond's retinues, who was watching the proceedings this whole time.

In the bidding items, the snow dragon fruit was an herb that could speed up one's energy storage and help cultivators go up a level. For this, 150, 000 vital energy crystals--although a little expensive, but was somehow a fair price--was needed for someone to buy it.

But the sword skill was useless. It was not worth so many crystals and would be a waste of resources if hundreds of thousands of crystals were spent on it.

"Pshaw! I don't care! I just want that sword skill, especially if that bastard needs it! And I don't care how much it costs!"

yelled Raymond with a devious expression. The malevolence on his face rendered

ing him.

... ... ...

Outside the Peace Town, on a mountain road leading to the Sun Sect.

Austin was walking his way slowly.

However, along the way, he had monitored the surroundings with his spiritual sense and found that a few figures were closely following him.

He knew very well that the men were sent by Raymond of the Flaming Sun Valley.

Not only because of their grudge, but also because back in the auction house, he had seen Raymond followed by many retinues, among whom were master cultivators at Earth Realm. Even then, Austin had known that the moment he decided to leave the auction house, Raymond would undoubtedly do something to him. Having proven his point, since Austin walked out of the auction house, several men had been tailing his track.

Austin wondered what Raymond would do next. Kill him? Capture him and torture him?

If he didn't want to know what Raymond planned to do, he could've escaped from these people. He had learned the Wind-commanding Skill to a high level and could move twenty meters per step. It would be seriously facile to get rid of them.

However, he didn't. His hatred of Raymond was as much as Raymond's to him. And just as much as Raymond wanted his revenge, Austin also wanted to square accounts with him. Till now, Raymond had caused him great trouble. Not to mention the Blood Wolf Team assassins he had sent, in the auction alone, Raymond had cost Austin tons of vital energy crystals.

Irritated as Austin was, how could he possibly let Raymond go?

Moreover, with his cultivation base and energy store, aided by Violet and his secret weapons, Austin stood a chance even when facing the Earth Realms.

That was why he had been slowing down his speed deliberately, waiting for Raymond's arrival before engaging in a fight.

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