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   Chapter 157 A Fierce Bidding (Part Two)

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He had been wanting to keep a low profile. He even thought that although he would have to speak loudly, he could change his voice by making it really hoarse and by that logic, unrecognizable.

What balderdash all of this was! All of this hiding and crouching was not to Austin's liking at all. Had he had a better option in mind, he wouldn't have resorted to such tactics. But then Raymond was there and that too, with a bone to pick would have been the quickest to find out the voice as Austin's. This whole dilemma of hiding and not hiding had no solution. After all, just because he disguised his voice once didn't mean that Austin was saved. He had to bid again and foolishly hope that he would go undetected by Raymond whenever he opened his mouth to bargain!

Austin's fears were not unfounded. The moment Raymond heard his hoarse voice, he looked in his direction, as if the voice rang a bell.

He even leaned forward and traced the source of the voice in the crowd. When he finally looked at the corner where Austin stood, Austin had nowhere to run or hide.

So what else, Austin allowed himself a bitter smile.

As the drama was playing out silently between Austin and Raymond, a sexy voice distracted the tense atmosphere. Somehow, this voice sounded even more attractive than the auctioneer's. "You are so generous, my boy," a woman said slowly and sexily. "But it's a pity that I want to buy this swordsmanship, too. I'm sorry, but I will offer two hundred and thirty thousand vital energy crystals!"

the woman declared, chuckling to herself. She had shown her determination by marking up twenty thousand vital energy crystals without showing any hesitation.

Her charming voice instantly diverted the attention from Austin to her. And rightly so. She had a stunning figure, both hot and slim to ogle at as she sat curling up in a chair that was covered with leopard print. She looked as supple as a willow, and as enchanting as a seductress.

"It's Trish! The Trish from the Flower Blooming Sect!"

Someone among the crowd

r three hundred and forty thousand vital energy crystals?" the auctioneer pressed on.

"Three hundred and thirty thousand vital energy crystals! Any other offers?"

she inquired again. Looking towards the crowd, she was hanging out for a better offer. But when she found that most cultivators shook their heads, she raised her hammer and was about to set the hammer price.


someone suddenly demanded, with a hint of anger in his voice.

The auctioneer paused, and turned to look at the man with a confused look on her face.

It was Raymond. The auctioneer was surprised for a split second, but seeing him rise up, she smiled again and asked, "How may I help you, our distinguished guest from the Flaming Sun Valley?"

Raymond didn't deem her important enough to respond to her immediately.

Instead, he ignored people's stares and turned to fix a stern look at Austin, who again was trying to hide in the dark corner knowing what was to ensue.

"Nothing, it's just that I have taken a sudden interest in this Illusory Swordsmanship, because of a friend of mine. I will give three hundred and fifty thousand vital energy crystals!"

Raymond announced in a cold, hard voice.

Austin leaned on the wall with resignation, a wry smile spreading over his face.

Like it or not, it seemed that Raymond was right on his heels anyway.

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