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   Chapter 155 Illusory Swordsmanship

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When Raymond bade for the snow dragon fruit, others had decided to withdraw in order to not offend the Flaming Sun Valley. A smug smile played on Raymond's lips when his trick was successful.

"Well, thank you for doing this for me!" Raymond said conceitedly.

"Humph! This is an auction house, not the Flaming Sun Valley. The snow dragon fruit will belong to the highest bidder. 55, 000 vital energy crystals!"

A boy's voice came from a corner of the auction house.

People turned to look who it was, and then saw a boy of 16 or 17.

He was wearing purple, and his clothes were luxurious. His demeanor was both dignified and graceful. He seemed someone royal or noble.

Standing behind him were a group of martial artists. Apparently, they were under the boy.

'He must be from a prominent family. He doesn't take the Flaming Sun Valley seriously, '

thought most people present.

'Besides, he has three martial artists at the Earth Realm as his men.'

"You... Who are you? How dare you ignore the Flaming Sun Valley!"

shouted Raymond. He was boiling with rage now.

"Seriously? I'm here to make bids at the auction. Is the Flaming Sun Valley so high-handed that nobody is allowed to bid?" the boy sneered and then turned to the auctioneer. "Hello, Miss Auctioneer, can we bid for the snow dragon fruit?"

Disdain was written all over his face.

Many other martial artists had been already irritated by a bossy Raymond, but they had been forced to keep their resentment to themselves because of the formidable power the Flaming Sun Valley had.

The boy contradicting Raymond somewhat appealed to them. Some of them even laughed out loud to show their approval.

usive and rewarding than spiritual fruits and elixirs.

If you didn't have any spiritual fruits or elixirs, your cultivation speed would be much slower than the others. But as long as you had a high-grade martial arts skill and you adhered to cultivation unremittingly, you would be a strong martial artist sooner or later.

But if you didn't have any martial arts skills, you would be unable to be a strong person even though you may have countless spiritual fruits and elixirs.

After a moment's silence, people came back to reality and fixed their eyes on the jade slip kept on the plate. Even the inviting auctioneer had lost her luster.

Austin took a deep breath to calm himself down. He was excited because he was satisfied to see the grade four martial arts skill.

However, many martial artists were interested in it as well. Austin was not sure if he could have it in the end.

Staring at the jade slip on the plate held by the auctioneer, Austin swallowed hard. If it went to another man, then his trip to the auction was a failure.

And failure was precisely what Austin would not be able to reconcile to.

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