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   Chapter 154 The Snow Dragon Fruit

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The woman heard about Austin's intent to attend the auction, so she flashed a professional smile.

"Well, you're in luck. There is an auction today. And as far as I know, there is a sword skill book among the items we are selling.

Please pay 3000 vital energy crystals as cash pledge, 1000 vital energy crystals for the consulting fee, 2000 vital energy crystals as the appraisal fee, and 500 as the seat-assignment fee. That's 6500 in total. After you have paid the fees, I'll guide you in," prattled the woman.

"What? 6500?"

Austin blurted out in shock.

"Cash pledge, which I think is very reasonable. Consulting fee, I can reluctantly accept. But the appraisal fee? I did not take anything here to put up for sale. What should I pay the appraisal fee for? And seat-assignment fee? Do guests have to pay for their own seats when they come here? Am I in a theater or what?"

Austin felt outraged by this swindle.


The smile on the woman's face froze on her lips. She then snorted and explained impatiently," Mister, you should know that any item that's displayed in the auction has been specially appraised, and it is absolutely impossible to pass away fakes as genuine.

The auction house promises every cultivator that they will never be deceived in buying a fake here.

This is why all participants, be they sellers or bidders, as long as they attend the auction, have to pay a share of the appraisal fee. And if you are reluctant to pay the high sum of money, you can try your luck on the street. Many people set up stalls there, and I think you may find what you want, or perhaps you will not.

What's more, as you see, the magnificent architecture of the Ganges Auction House. It is the most comfortable environment for every cultivator who participates in the auction. But we have to pay maintenance fees for these buildings, don't we? Therefore, the seat-assignment fee..."

Austin thought about it, and knew that it was useless to argue with this woman. Besides, these fees were not only for him, but everyone who attended the auction. All he could do was obediently take out the vital energy crystals in the corresponding sum, and hand it over to the woman.

"Very good. I'll lead you in right now." After receiving Austin's vital energy crystals, the woman smiled again and gestured for him to wait.

After taking care of all the paperwork, Austin stepped into the auction house led in by a waitress. Like the woman had said, there was already an auction in progress.

Once inside, the bright surroundings dimmed into a dark place with few lights being lit. Austin furrowed his brows to concentrate on the Intermittent noises that he could hear from the stage.

The auction hall was so large that it could have easily hoste

loor price for the snow dragon fruit is 20000 vital energy crystals! Gentleman, start your bidding!"

said the auctioneer smiling, her eyes moving slowly around the room. Every cultivator who met her eyes felt that she was specifically looking and thinking of him.


Someone called out a price.



...... .......


The audience's enthusiasm was peaking now. It was only a moment before the bid price reached 30000 vital energy crystals.

But Austin was biding his time. Although he was interested in the snow dragon fruit, he still hadn't forgotten the main purpose of his trip.

Moreover, this was only a price adding process. Until the end, there was no way to know how much the fruit could cost.

If the final price was affordable to him, he could always bid for the fruit again.

"50000 vital energy crystals! Friends, I am with the Flaming Sun Valley. I hope you can give me a chance to buy the fruit. I'll always owe you this one."

called a voice suddenly, when the price of the fruit was added with 40000 crystals.

The Flaming Sun Valley was the second largest power in the Violet Orchid Empire. No cultivator dared to offend them.

Thus, at the calling out of the Flaming Sun Valley's sect name, a lot of cultivators quietly laid down their bidding placards and remained silent.

And yet the voice was very familiar to Austin.

He quickly turned his head to find the source of the voice.

It was a young boy dressed in a light-yellow garb sitting in the front seat. As his beady bright eyes shone arched by his graceful eyebrows, his applied light make-up glowed.

That was Raymond of Flaming Sun Valley, the young ruffian!

He was the one who had offended Austin and was beaten up for it, also the one who hired the Blood Wolf Team to hunt Austin down.

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