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   Chapter 153 Ganges Auction House

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The clerk's eyes shone in excitement as Austin slammed a three-level beast core on the counter. Evident on his face was pure ecstasy as he glanced at Austin and back to the organ of the beast.

With his field experience and expertise, he recognized that it was a genuine three-level beast core.

The rough and ragged looking man who threw the beast core was just like any other typical man he would encounter on the streets--someone he would not waste time on. But because he was here as a client, he would definitely lose his job if he would not treat him as one--with full special service. He hastily took a quick breath and flashed a rather wide and creepy smile at Austin.

"Nice to meet you, son! You're so lucky to get such a treasure! Where did you get it? I wish I am as lucky as you are! You're going to make a fortune! You must have no idea how much this three-level beast core is worth! Let me tell you! This costs a whopping one thousand vital energy crystals! Hard to believe, right!" the clerk exaggeratedly waffled.

He had concluded with his own imagination that Austin must find it somewhere. It was common for low-grade fighters to find the core of higher level diabolic beasts, which were killed by accident or died a natural death and of sickness.

'The sun must have been shining so bright to this man!' The clerk thought.

Austin looked just like any other normal man. There was nothing that screamed so special about him. This was why the clerk thought from the beginning that he was not capable of killing a three-level beast.

He couldn't help but glance at Austin again with an admiring look for the windfall he got--selling a beast's core without exerting the slightest effort.

One thousand vital energy crystals were a large fortune for him, while he had to work hard for almost half a year to obtain it.

Meanwhile, Austin had realized by now what the clerk was probably thinking, and he didn't bother to argue with him. It would be better to show him how skilled he really was. The next moment, he drew out his space ring and poured a heap of beast cores on the counter.

"This is all I have. Please take a look and let me know how much I can take with me." Austin said in a light voice as if he was greeting an old friend.

He pretended not to notice what registered on the clerk's face.

His eyes and mouth dropped wide open, unable to utter a word at the sight of the beast organs before him.

Not ready to accept this setback, he rubbed his eyes and stared at the pile of beast cores in front of him.

Seconds passed and the clerk had done nothing but rub his eyes and examine the beast cores, not daring to look into Austin's eyes. "Wow, w-wait a moment! I..." the clerk was still unable to complete his sentence.

"45 three-level beast cores and 3 four-level beast cores, altogether," Austin said and pushed them a little forward.

The clerk choked as if the beast cores had taken away the power of speech from him.

Austin was surprised with his surprised reaction and touched his own nose, wondering why.

"What's the matter? If these are not what you people are asking for, I'll trade it to

g with the receptionists about the goods they were interested in.

Although the hall was swamped with all kinds of customers and most of them were talking, there was an elegant and tranquil atmosphere. Everyone was holding down their voices as possible as if they were afraid to disrupt the serene ambiance.

Austin took his time strolling along the hall, stopping and going as he liked, but no one voluntarily attended to him.

Getting tired after walking around, he saw a fighter walking away from a counter after completing the process of purchasing his good.

Austin hurriedly stepped forward and stopped before the newly vacated counter.

He heaved a sigh of relief and found a young woman standing behind it, with delicate make-up and a soft womanly figure. She seemed to be someone married.

"Hey, would you like to put something up for auction or bid for something, young man?" she asked casually.

Like the clerk back at the store, she seemed to also judge people solely by their appearance and was reluctant to receive a young fighter like Austin.

By putting something up for auction, she meant that lots of fighters came there with stuff they wanted to sell. By doing so, the auction house would sell it for them.

While by bidding, it meant that fighters came there to purchase the things they were interested in, like Austin's purpose of coming there.


Austin paused a moment, clearly thinking of what he could say.

Then he continued.

"Madame, I'm looking for some books on sword skills. Can you help me?"

"Hmm, Let me see. You're planning to purchase some books on sword skills, right?"

The woman nodded her head formally before replying to his question.

"Hmm, as a matter of fact, there are all kinds of fighters who come here every day with their books on martial arts, and the ones on sword skills are quite commonly auctioned here. I'm sure you would find some here. But before anything, I have one condition. That is, you must be able to afford it!"

Austin's face lit up with her words and eagerly replied, "Of course! Show me what you got!"

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