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   Chapter 152 The Violet Royal Sword (Part Two)

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Afterwards, Austin looked down. What was left in front of him was a long scarlet sword which had a mysterious shimmering streak of magical light emanating from it.

It was a high-grade spiritual weapon that Lois received from his ancestors.

There were three words engraved on the blade of the sword, which read Violet Royal Sword.

Austin stood up and decided to test the sword's ability. He aimed at a giant tree and sliced it using the blade. In an instant, a streak of strong scarlet light flashed from the sword as it was cutting the tree.

And right after the Violet Royal Sword had completely sliced through the tree, the enormous tree that had a width of at least five men's arms' length began to shake. And then it started tilting and was slowly falling to the ground. Austin retreated to a safe distance, about 20 feet from the falling tree. A roaring and rumbling sound came from the falling tree. The ground shook as it fell, creating a loud bang which resonated throughout the forest. The animals were surprised and frightened; birds left their nests and flew into the sky, the deer scattered everywhere trying to find a safe place to hide, and the rats wiggled into their caves...

'Wow! This is a surprisingly sharp sword.'

Austin was fascinated and amazed with the sword's power.

Holding the sword in his hand, Austin started thinking as to how to use it for his own gain.

As of this moment, he had acquired martial arts skills of Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, Wind-commanding Skill, Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, Twin Shadow Blades, and the 1000 pounds' lifting capability he got from Overlord Body-refining Formula.

Mulling over his skills, he realized that none of them required a sword or even needed a sword.

Although the Twin Shadow Blades sounded like a skill that would require some sort of weapon, but in reality, it only required the use of his mind in order to control it.

But since he had obtained a powerful sword, he felt the need to start learning and practicing

the guy's attitude towards him. Being a customer, he wasn't expecting such a cold treatment.

"You are not welcome here. We only purchase diabolic beast cores above level three. Otherwise, just take your diabolic beast cores over to that grocery store over there. They would be more than willing to do business with you," the guy said, even more impolitely.

No doubt the guy judged Austin as an ordinary, weak young man who could not possibly have much strength. And of course, in his eyes, it was absolutely impossible for Austin to have any high level diabolic beast cores.

What the shop wanted was diabolic beast cores, which were at least at level three, and which was indeed an impossible feat for fighters who were even at level eight or nine of the Energy Gathering Realm.

It was something very difficult even for prominent fighters, let alone Austin looked like a weak, fragile young man. The guy thought that he was wasting his time talking to Austin, so he urged Austin to leave.

Furrowing his brows, Austin stared at the guy indignantly for a short time without arguing with him.

After calming down for a moment, he walked towards the corner and stood in front of that guy. From his pocket, he took out his level three beast core and threw it on the counter table.

"Now, do you think I should leave?" he asked coldly.

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