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   Chapter 151 The Violet Royal Sword (Part One)

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The level four purple flaming leopard was about four feet long and two feet high. It also had long sharp claws that could effortlessly slice anything. The creature was so huge and strong that smashing an at least eight feet wide tree was just a piece of cake for it. And it was considered as the fastest land animal. Its speed was beyond your imagination.

It shot out a purple fire from its mouth whenever it attacked its prey, easily defeating it. The purple fire's heat burned instantly anything that it came into contact with.

Coming across that purple flaming leopard, Austin intended to take it down at first. However, as their battle raged through, the leopard started breathing out its purple fire. The heat was so intense that Austin had no choice but to admit defeat and escape.

After years of hard training and diligent practice, Austin's speed had improved so much that he could now reach twenty feet with just a single step. He was finally able to match the leopard's speed, with which could help him keep a safe distance from the animal without getting toasted alive.

He couldn't even begin to imagine what could have happened to him a month ago when he was only capable of running a distance of ten feet a step. He might not stand a chance now, and might have been roasted meat for the leopard.

It had been several hours since they started the chasing game. And at last, the purple flaming leopard had finally started showing signs of weariness and fatigue.

But Austin was already a step ahead. He replenished his vital energy while running with the use of the vital energy stone stored in his elixir field. So compared to the tired leopard, he was still strong and had enough energy to keep on running while maintaining his fast speed.

And finally, after half an hour had passed, the leopard stopped in its tracks. Exhaustion had finally caught up with it, forcing it to kneel down on its legs and started gasping for air with its tongue sticking out. It was obvious that the leopard had never seen a human who could outrun it. With confused eyes, the animal stared at Austin as he grew smaller in the distance.

"That's it, son of a bitch. Where did your energy go?"

Austin slowed down and released a sig

s Space Ring and putting it away, Austin started to check the other Space Rings.

They were from Nigel, Elton, Lyle, Lois, and Barbara. The value of the belongings inside, included vital energy crystals, elixirs, and low-grade spiritual weapons, were worth at least 90, 000 vital energy crystals.

And those Space Rings he took from the members of the Blood Wolf Team also contained vital energy crystals and elixirs, but they were only worth about 10, 000 vital energy crystals.

It was not surprising that the other people had more Space Rings than the members of the Blood Wolf Team because they had cultivation base of the medium stage of the Earth Realm. The Blood Wolf Team members only had cultivation base of the Energy Gathering Realm.

It was the norm that whoever was in a higher social ranking would inevitably have more chances of being wealthy.

After he finally finished accounting on all of the belongings stored in all the Space Rings, Austin had a brief picture of how much fortune he had made.

All in all, he had about 300, 000 vital energy crystals' worth of property. It was indeed an astounding amount, which he only earned in just a few days.

The majority of his wealth came from that Scott's Space Ring, which contained things worth 200, 000 vital energy crystals.

Satisfied, Austin collected all of the Space Rings and placed them into Scott's Space Ring because it had the largest storage space. Then he hid it in his deepest pocket for safe keeping.

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