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   Chapter 150 The Four-sided And Eight Trigrams Array

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Austin had heard from Fanny that her grandfather was an array expert, but he hadn't expected the old man to be proficient in martial refinement as well. According to the violent attack he was facing, Fanny's grandfather must be no less powerful than Theon, the head of Sun Sect.

Terrified and scrambling to combat the attack, Austin began to call up the Golden Sun Scripture. Soon, his golden vital energy circulated in his body.

To his surprise, the luminous sphere inside his elixir field trembled slightly. Just in a trice, the sphere shone bright as if it was irritated by the attack from Fanny's grandfather. Before Austin could react, the luminous sphere released a large amount of pure and stolid power which flowed into Austin's meridians.

It seemed that the lumino

s mighty weapon, the Twin Shadow Blades, Austin found no challenge in the living area of level-three beasts and easily killed dozens of them.

He finally came to the living area of level-four beasts on a whim. Soon, he felt great pressure when facing those beasts there and realized that he was still weak compared with grade-four beasts.

Still, the fact that most cultivators of Earth Realm had to avoid those beasts balanced his frustration. After all, he was only level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm!

Austin managed to kill two demonic beasts of level four by exerting all his power and employing the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, but he also got slightly wounded.

After that, he was very unlucky to bump into a violent level-four beast—a purple flaming leopard.

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