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   Chapter 147 Ice Mysterious Skill

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Matthew and the scarred man were also part of the Blood Wolf Team along with the two men who perished. Knowing what Austin did to their mates made them furious.

The scarred man opened his palm and a cylinder appeared emitting rays of blue and green. He then turned his hand towards Austin and immediately, the lights turned into violent flashes of lighting shooting directly towards Austin.

Then, he waved his hand again and revealed a sharp, green claw which was made of steel and attached with an iron chain. It flew towards Austin as the man held its opposite end.

A bad feeling came over Austin. There was something eerie about the claw that he could not help but notice even before it reached him. It was tainted with poison!

Running Wind-commanding Skill, he dodged the incoming attacks with a series of graceful turns.




A series of sharp sounds echoed through the air. When it all subsided, the ground where Austin once stood was replaced with a landscape filled with a dozen mud holes.

As Austin moved, in his mind, he mustered energy to summon the Negative Shadow Blade. With it, he swung towards the incoming claw. The collision of the two forces produced an explosion of jet black.

The Negative Shadow Blade was a spiritual weapon. And Austin was at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Therefore, with a powerful force, the blade cut the iron chain to pieces like a metal ball against brittle glass.

Without the chain, the steel claw was thrown into the garden of thorns that lay beside them.

The Negative Shadow Blade disappeared after it cut the chain. It left no trace. Then, it reappeared as suddenly as it vanished and was flying straight towards the scarred man's chest.

Petrified, the scarred man watched the incoming blade approach. Fear froze him completely. The Negative Shadow Blade pierced through his chest, flew out through his back, and once again, disappeared completely.

"You...! How did you do that?"

The scarred man stared at Austin with his pale, stunned eyes. Never could he have imagined that he would perish at Austin's hands.

He did not even have chance to display his skill! The fight was over even before it began.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Matthew also stared at Austin in surprise. "How did that happen? How did he get so strong?" he murmured to himself.

He gravely underestimated him. He took two members of the Blood Wolf Team with him to kill Austin once and for all. Both of them willingly went, excited to get some action. It did not occur to any of them that this would be a difficult task. Now, Matthew realized the gravity of his mistake. In a split-second, all his men were killed!

He was all alone now!

For the first time, Matthew was afraid to fight Austin.

"I'm impressed, young boy. I have to admit that I underestimated you before.

However, I must warn you. Killing me will not be

den vital energy stored in his elixir field spread from his belly to every limb of his body.

His vital energy in his elixir field was almost as big as his fist. Right now, it flowed to wherever he directed it towards. Gently, it spread. It emitted rays of light that grew hotter and hotter, like a gentle morning sun slowly growing into a violent, burning ball of fire. The heat became so intense that it felt as if everything was melting.

Words flashed in Austin's mind: 'The Golden Sun Scripture is the most powerful and potent element in the universe. Its force is indomitable and can only be controlled by the most powerful of creatures.'

It was a passage from the text that introduced the Golden Sun Scripture.

'That sentence is definitely not an exaggeration of the power of the Golden Sun Scripture, ' thought Austin. Warmth started to rise inside his body.

He then continued to chant the holy verses of the Golden Sun Scripture. The warmth started to slowly go out of his skin. Instantly, a hot wind seemed to have enveloped him, melting the snow generated by Matthew. It resembled the hard winter snow the moment the sunshine of spring started to dominate the sky. In a matter of seconds, they dissolved completely.

Matthew's Ice Mysterious Skill was reduced to nothing with Austin's powerful Golden Sun Scripture.

"Ha ha ha! Ice Mysterious Skill? Was that all? I expected it to be more spectacular! That was nothing but a flop! What's so special about that? Why even call it a Mysterious Skill in the first place?"

Austin mocked as he laughed loudly. He then sent a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle towards Matthew. At the same time, he also summoned his Twin Shadow Blades to appear behind him in his mind. With a quick command through telepathy, the Twin Shadow Blades sped towards Matthew in a flash of black and red.

"That is impossible! How did you manage to cultivate a skill that utilized so much heat?"

Matthew roared. He was very surprised.

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