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   Chapter 146 The Death Of One Member Of Blood Wolf Team

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Austin had telepathically told Violet that the remaining members of Blood Wolf Team were fast approaching.

"Don't worry, Master. There are just three martial artists at the Energy Gathering Realm. Dealing with them is a piece of cake," said Violet.

Meanwhile, Violet whispered the situation to Fanny, taking in mind that the latter might be scared.

"Brat! We've found you."

A burst of evil laughter came from behind the trees, and then three vicious men showed up.

The man leading them was none other than Matthew. He dressed like a refined and cultured scholar, and a sword hung on his waist. People who didn't know him would believe he had a strong sense of justice and was ready to help the weak. It was his facade, definitely. Behind that sophisticated look were the countless murders he had committed.

Standing on the left was a bulky man in a massive red coat. He looked ugly and brutal, holding a giant mace as tall as him.

On Matthew's right was a lean man with a scar etched on his face. His eyes were sinful as it dripped with an air of malevolence.

Austin recognized that the two men standing beside Matthew were members of the Blood Wolf Team. He had fought with them in a lush bush before.

It was from these two men that Austin learned that the Blood Wolf Team had sent five men to kill him.

Without any delay, the three men they charged at Austin as bold as a lion. They certainly underestimated Austin's and his allies' capabilities.

The lean man stuck out his tongue and licked his lips in a perverted way while glancing at both Violet and Fanny. A nasty grin was plastered on his ugly face.

"Oh my! I didn't expect to meet such pretty girls here. I haven't fucked anyone in weeks. This is going to be fun."

The members of the Blood Wolf Team were surprised to see the reaction of the three, amidst their appearance.

Instead of panicking, they most definitely looked calm and composed—not the least bit worried about the situation. If more, disdain was written all over their faces, as if they had already known the thr

limbs were starting to disintegrate.

His blood, flesh, and organs dropped from the hole in his chest. Austin was now covered in blood, and its scent filled the air, triggering others to vomit.


both Matthew and the thin man yelled in disbelief. They couldn't believe their companion was killed in an instant.

Austin didn't use any vital energy. Instead, he killed the bulky man merely with his physical power.

"How dare you kill my man! You're done! I swear I'll tear you to shreds! Consider yourself dead meat!" shouted Matthew.

They had never thought that their companion would be killed before them, in the cruelest way.

"Wait! Was it you who killed my other two companions?"

Matthew suddenly realized how his two other men had been killed—brutally, just like this!

"Hahaha! You got me. I killed them with these very fists. One of them even begged for mercy before I killed him. Since you planned to kill me from the very beginning, you should be prepared to pay the price," Austin mocked. Indifference can be extracted from his voice.

Matthew and the lean man fumed with rage when they heard what he said.

"Bro, let's fight him together. We must fight tooth and nail to kill him!"

The sight of the blood of their companion enraged Matthew and the lean man completely. This pumped their adrenaline and desire to slaughter Austin even more.

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