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   Chapter 144 The Ninth Level of the Energy Gathering Realm

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Here it is, Master,

Violet said as she handed Austin the celestial energy ginseng.

Austin reached out his hand and took it from her. An overwhelming feeling of triumph took hold of him. In his hands was the most coveting magical substance hundreds of cultivators could only dream of having.

"You... ... I see it now. You were in this together! This whole time, you planned to keep the celestial energy ginseng to yourselves!"

Fanny exclaimed as she realized the truth.

"Oh, sister. You are too beautiful to be a monster," Fanny said, looking at Violet.

Fanny was a skinny little girl. Being around Violet who had the shape of a woman always made her feel a little insecure.

Violet modestly smiled as she covered her mouth with her hand.

"You're beautiful too, little sister. You're blossoming. I am sure that you will soon turn many heads," she replied sincerely.

The women seemed to have connected very well. They talked as if they had known each other for years.

Austin continued to admire the celestial energy ginseng as he thought of the legend that surrounded the magical substance. It was a tale widely spread among the disciples of Violet Orchid Empire.

It was said that this once allowed a disciple of the Bloody Hero Gang to go from the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm to the first layer of the Earth Realm. To this day, it was still believed that the substance remained as potent as ever, even after four hundred years.

He looked at the treasure on his hands and wondered if what the legend said were true.

He had many strengths but they were hidden in the shadow of his one great weakness: his lack of an ability to cultivate vital energy.

It was for this reason that Austin longed to reach a higher level of vital energy all his life. This was his greatest wish that led him to his quest to attain the celestial energy ginseng.

"Violet, stand guard for me. I want to cultivate inside this cave," he ordered.

"Master, are you sure you want to eat the celestial energy ginseng inside this cave?"

Violet asked. She was fully aware of his intentions, but she could not help but worry.

"Yes, I am. The longer it is in our possession, the more dangerous it is. There are many people who will stop at nothing to own something so precious. Besides, my current vital energy is no longer sufficient. It needs to be replenished as soon as possible. Now that I have the celestial energy ginseng, I can use it to reach a higher level," he replied.

"Master, you are only at the seventh level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Isn't it risky? The celestial energy ginseng has been in existence for so many years. Its power is unimaginable. I know the legend of the Bloody Hero Gang, but how are we even sure that it's true that he reached the Earth Realm after taking the ginseng? How did he manage to handle all that energy without meeting his peril if this substance was as potent as they say?" she expressed.

"Good observation, Violet, but it is not enough to deem the legend false. Rare treasures such as this one possess properties above the laws of nature that we are familiar with. Perhaps, the force produced by the celestial energy ginseng, despite its potency, is not one that is harmful to men. In all honesty, its power

towards the path specified by the Golden Sun Scripture.


A clink echoed, disrupting the silence of the cave.

Suddenly, a soft voice was generated inside Austin's body.

Along with this, Austin felt an abrupt and dramatic increase in his power.

"The eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm!" Austin yelled with excitement.

A tinge of joy flashed across his face.

However, there was still so much pure energy inside his body. It unceasingly replenished and renewed his body systems, changing muscles, bones, cells, and tissues.

Then, another soft voice filled his body and echoed mildly throughout the cave's walls.

"The ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm!" Austin exclaimed.

Reaching another level, he could not help but go wild with joy.

Three years ago, he arrived at this same level but was not able to return to it again. Now, he was back at last.

He felt so physically strong.

Then, Austin made a decision. He decided not to continue pushing forward for higher energy levels. Despite the abundance of pure vital energy and his confidence that progressing was possible, he knew that continuing would make him unstable. It would get in the way of his daily duties and progression in martial arts.

There were limits to the energy that one's flesh and organs could hold.

Failing to be aware of these limits and taking in more than what he could handle could cause a cultivator's organs to be drained of strength. As the saying goes, haste makes waste. Negligence would cause several problems that might impact a cultivator's future performance forever.

Although Austin was determined to take as many advantages as he could with the celestial energy ginseng, he later realized the gravity of its consequences, thus, forcing himself to slow down. Instead of pushing towards higher levels, he decided to consolidate his power at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

In essence, Austin was neither greedy nor complacent. He was content with his present situation. Although most cultivators understood this concept, how many of them, like Austin, would really be able to resist the temptation for reaching higher levels?

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