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   Chapter 143 First Hearing Of The Ghost Sect (Part Two)

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The five soon learned that the celestial energy ginseng had appeared in the surrounding area of the Grand Desolation Mountain, which led to many cultivators rushing to the valley for it, and that some mysterious black-clad men also had showed up there concomitantly.

Austin, of course, did not disclose what he had done, and hid key parts of the story that involved him.

As for the whereabouts of the celestial energy ginseng, Austin said that he only saw it was finally taken away by a fox at level three, and very understandably didn't mention that the fox was Violet, who had been subdued to him.

On hearing the news of the celestial energy ginseng, the eyes of these Elders and stewards lit up. After all, the celestial energy ginseng of seven hundred years was also a great treasure even according to their standards, which would be of great aid to further their cultivation base.

And when Austin talked about the mysterious black-clad men, the five got visibly curious. They exchanged quick glances perhaps out of sheer fright as they focused on the words pouring out of Austin's mouth.

"The Soul Collection Array!"

When Austin spoke of the name of the array the men in black had arranged, the three stern and calm Elders turned pale as if they were horrified to their very cores.

They looked at each other and saw nothing but deep fear in each other's eyes.

"The Soul Collection Array... "

"Are they the dregs of the Ghost Sect... "

"If that's the case, we are in huge trouble... " ...

The three Elders murmured and seemed to be recalling something scary from their memories.

'The Ghost Sect? Are the mysterious men from the Ghost Sect?'

Austin wondered.

It was the first time Austin had heard of this seemingly notorious sect.

Judging by the horrified look on the faces of the three Elders, he reckoned that the Ghost Sect must have been a remarkable and evil force.

"Do you mean those men in black have laid the Soul Collection Array to siege the cultivators in the valley engaged in the struggle for the celestial energy ginseng?"

Elder Li suddenly asked in an icy tone, her arms fidgeting aimle

s Space Ring.

"Violet, you can come out now."

As soon as these words were spoken, a cloud of green smoke rose from the bead, and with a flash of pink light, a little fox appeared in front of Austin.


At the sudden scene, Fanny gave a scream of horror. Then she stared at Violet, open-mouthed. She had not been this horrified anytime recently.

"Isn't this the same fox that took away the celestial energy ginseng in the valley? What is it doing here?"

Fanny cried, covering her gaping mouth with her hand. She still couldn't believe that the fox suddenly appeared in the cave out of nowhere.

Violet, who had known about Fanny's existence, was amused by her startled look.

"Master, I'm used to being in a human form."

"It's up to you. You don't have to ask me for permission. From now on, you decide what form you take."

Austin didn't stop her because he didn't think it was necessary to interfere with the little hobby of Violet.

Then with a flash, another cloud of green smoke filled the air, and the fox transformed into a fabulous and stunning girl.

Her gentle features curved into an attractive smile. Her lithe, slender body walked gracefully, and she was irresistibly charming. The whole cave appeared to be brightened by her charm.

Then Violet stretched out her hand, and in it lay a human-shaped herb with nine rays of colorful halos. It was indeed the celestial energy ginseng itself!

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