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   Chapter 140 Breaking The Array

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10050

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That punk is breaking the array! How did he know where the weakness of the array was?

one of the tomb owners hollered in disbelief.

Austin's Twin Shadow Blades struck a tree, and it created a loud smack. As soon as the tree was cut in half, it turned into a little black flag. Fanny, who was waiting for this moment, jumped towards the flag and grabbed it.

"How about we activate the array and attack that rascal now?"

"No need for that. He has just reached level seven of the Energy Gathering Realm. You take in charge of this array. Activate the array when the red blood magical python dies," explained a tomb owner. He rushed to the northeast corner, followed by five men in black.

"Austin! Those men in black found out we were breaking the array. They want to stop us," Fanny anxiously reminded.

Austin turned his gaze around the area, and saw the tomb owner approaching him with five men in black. He had seen this tomb owner with his spiritual sense before.

Taking the lead was the tomb owner, nearing as quick as a flash of lightning. Austin guessed he had reached the Earth Realm at least when he saw how calm and collected he was when approaching.

The foundation of the array consisted of six trees, three of which had been cut off. Austin planned to cut off the remaining trees to break the array, and he knew it would not be an easy task.

He needed to seize every minute and second, as the tomb owner would arrive at any minute.

Worse, the souls which had been attacking Austin and Fanny seemed to have found out that Austin's pale golden vital energy could harm them. They decided to stop attacking the two.

They changed their target and began to attack the Twin Shadow Blades, which were pouring their all in destroying the remaining trees of the array. Affected by the countless souls, the Twin Shadow Blades were encased by black spider webs, unable to cause damage to the trees anymore.

Austin was filled with rage at the sight of this. Frowning and with no choice left, he recalled the Twin Shadow Blades and strode towards the trees. He threw a punch on the trunk, and the tree rocked in agitation. But to Austin's dismay, it did not break.

He didn't expect the foundation of the array to be this sturdy and stable. He could lift 1, 000 pounds with one hand, yet he was unable to break the tree with his fist. 'This array is truly remarkable!' he exulted in admiration.

No wonder it took the Twin Shadow Blades, a high-grade spiritual weapon, a while to cut off three trees. Austin admitted that he was not able to maximize its power due to the little cultivation base of vital energy he acquired. But then again, no one must belittle the power of the weapon exerted by a martial artist at level seven of the Energy Gathering Realm.

If it were any ordinary tree, Austin could have smashed it into pieces with only one punch.

Since a mere punch had evidently no effect, Austin threw more punches on the trunk one after another. After fo

must be extracted to use it. He wouldn't use the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill unless he was in the gravest danger. He must not utilize this ultimate skill right now.

The Twin Shadow Blades controlled by his mind was already a sufficient attacking mode which was hard to deal with. And using it would not require much of his vital energy.

The Twin Shadow Blades would always be his first choice in dealing with enemies.

In midair, the Twin Shadow Blades and the ghost claw fiercely clashed, creating shock waves that spread around.

Apparently, the Twin Shadow Blades were no match for the ghost claw. The two sides had been deadlocked for a while, and then the Twin Shadow Blades sprang back. Austin immediately retrieved them back into his body.

Meanwhile, the ghost claw faded and became more and more transparent. It flew towards Austin and after a short distance, disappeared. It was apparent that the tomb owner's vital energy to support the ghost claw had been used up.

After taking back the Twin Shadow Blades, Austin wasted no time and ran away as quickly as he could.

"It's a high-grade spiritual weapon!"

the tomb owner exclaimed in surprise.

He had been stuck at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm for several years. In his peak condition, he was about to make a breakthrough and reach the medium stage of Earth Realm.

The brat was only at level seven of Energy Gathering Realm, yet he managed to survive from his martial arts skill attack with his high-grade spiritual weapon.

It said a lot about how powerful a high-grade spiritual weapon could be.

The tomb owner himself only had a low-grade spiritual weapon which was certainly no match for Austin's.

At this thought, greed began to surface on his face as he made up his mind to kill the brat and steal his weapon.

"Ha! You won't be able to get away. Spiritual Chain!"

The tomb owner snorted as he watched Austin's receding figure. His eyes were painted with a dark and dangerous glow.

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