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   Chapter 139 Start To Break Through The Array

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Austin rushed to the northeast part of the array with Fanny.

A few minutes later, Fanny warned Austin, "Slow down, we are at the boundary point of the array now. One more step forward and we will be under attack."

Fanny's warning made Austin stop him in his tracks.

Sensing his surroundings through his superior spiritual abilities, Austin became aware of some differences. Something was certainly odd around them.

So Austin began to survey his environment. There were some stones and trees out in the front, nothing out of the ordinary that looked suspicious.

"Look there, there is something waving and twisting. That is the form of the array's energy."

Austin looked to where Fanny pointed. As Fanny had said, right in front of them, towards the left hand corner, something was contorted as waves came out of it. 'Thank god for Fanny, or else I wouldn't have noticed this in the slightest, ' thought Austin, 'Arrays were awe-inspiring just to look at.'

"How should we break through it?"

Austin straight away asked the most direct question possible. He didn't want to waste the limited time they had.

"Look at that row of trees, surrounded by the thorn bush. There are six trees in the center of the grassy patch, but none of them are real. Actually, they are the base of the array.

Once we successfully cut down these trees, we could break through the array."

Austin didn't tarry and he summoned his Twin Shadow Blades to strike the six trees down in a trice. As their trunks were just as thick as a large bowl in width, this shouldn't take too long.

But before the Twin Shadow Blades could hit the trees, something in the array got disturbed.

All at once, the sky was as dark as the night. Overcast with innumerable clouds, it was as if a black blanket had been thrown over them.

As Austin and Fanny glanced at the mysterious twisted contortion, thick black fog clouded their eyes and in fact, the whole area. Though none could see, but balls that burst into smog were tossed high into air.

It was as if a land of haze had appeared mysteriously that was getting faintly lit up. The light's source were illusory souls with red eyes who poured in from the skies and land and screeched sadly and shrilly, giving goosebumps to anyone who could hear.

The souls cried in a low droning voice and lunged at the Twin Shadow Blades to stop it in its flight path and prevent the falling of the six important trees.

These souls were the Soul Collection Array's most important part of the attack.

Since the souls were illusory, when the Twin Shadow Blades hit them, it hit nothing but air. That's to say, the Twin Shadow Blades could do no harm to the souls.

But these souls with their sad, cruel, relentless and hostile energy made everyone low-spirited unable to

in a brief time.

When the two trees were cut down, two small black flags appeared in their place.

Seeing this, Fanny, who followed Austin closely, got quite excited. She rushed to pick them up, jubilant as if they had hit the jackpot.

The two tomb owners immediately knew what had happened when the two trees were cut down and the black flags were picked up. After all, they were the arrangers of the Soul Collection Array. Glancing in the direction of the trees, they saw Austin as the source of this distress.

"We are in a bad way now. It was those two warriors. The four men we sent have turned out to be completely useless. How could they fail to defeat these two warriors who are just at the seventh grade of the Energy Gathering Realm?"

The two tomb owners had arranged four of their subordinates to intercept Austin and Fanny. As Austin's and Fanny's cultivation bases were weak, the two tomb owners believed that their four subordinates should have definitely captured the duo and collected the souls.

This was also why the tomb owners hadn't paid much attention to the array.

Instead, they had focused their energies on the center of the valley, where the red blood magical python was fighting with many warriors.

Scads of warriors had managed to bring the red blood magical python at the gate of death. It was about to be dismembered.

The two tomb owners still ordered some subordinates to pay attention to what was going on in the valley. They were waiting for the red blood magical python to get killed, so that they could immediately set the Soul Collection Array in motion.

This was why no one noticed Austin killing the four black men who wanted to stop him and Fanny. Then, Austin went north and started to break through the array. The black men's hubris lied in looking down upon Austin and not knowing his strengths fully.

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