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   Chapter 138 Soul Chasing Sticks

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The two tomb owners who were on guard on the outermost part of the valley immediately noticed Austin dashing out as their men reported to them that two cultivators were rushing towards the valley.

"Look at how fast he moves! He's like a lightning bolt spearing to the ground."

one of the tomb owners gasped.

"Hmm, look how his vital energy dissipates around him. It is obvious that this guy has only reached the seventh level of Energy Gathering Realm. But it's such a rare sight that someone of his level can travel at such high speed."

"Go and ask two or three men to take his soul."

"Yes, sir!"

A man in black replied. As soon as he responded, he immediately rushed towards Austin with three men on his heels.

Although both tomb owners were amazed by Austin's swiftness, he was still only a seventh level fighter of Energy Gathering Realm. They arrogantly believed that three or four men were enough to take care of him.

... ...

Carrying Fanny in his arms, Austin effortlessly glided as he was flying, rushing towards the outside of the valley.

His arms were strong enough to carry even a half ton heavy object. Since Fanny was so thin, carrying her was a breeze for him.

Fanny was stunned as well by Austin's capability to move so swiftly. She was still able to follow Austin closely as they made their way to this Valley of celestial energy ginseng. She was secretly gloating with the fact that Austin didn't have the ability to throw her off even if he wanted to.

Now, she could still feel Austin's swift pace. It suddenly dawned on her that Austin hadn't moved fast last time. Rather, he had intentionally slowed down so that she could easily follow him all the way to this valley.

Fanny had finally realized that it would be totally impossible for her to catch up with Austin when he started moving in full speed.

This news had Fanny gritting her teeth. She felt upset, but was definitely convinced by Austin's strength.

But what annoyed her was the fact that Austin deliberately slowed down his pace just for her. She had even felt complacent and proud the entire time because she was able to follow closely behind Austin.

On the other hand, she was impressed with Austin's amazing fighting power. Based on the dispersion of Austin's vital energy, she could clearly identify that he was at the same level as her, a seventh level fighter of the Energy Gathering Realm. However, Austin was capable of slaying cultivators at the sixth, seventh, and even eight level of the Energy Gathering Realm easily like killing dogs and chickens.

Austin had also mastered multiple bodily movement skills. 'What kind of monster was this guy?' Fanny thought.

While Austin was still running, four men in black emerged out of the blue and converged towards him. Apparently, those men were about to stop him from his path.

'Who the hell were these mysterious men? They even deployed a large array in order to kill cultivators and collect their souls.'

Hundreds of cultivators from different schools and sects had flocked here to get their hands on the celestial energy ginseng.

Almost all of the disciples of the five major sects from Violet Orchid Empire had journeyed here. Besides, a lot of powerful people were present as wel

ig array deployed by these men was called Soul Collection Array and the weapons these men used for soul collection were known as soul chasing sticks. The men in black even planned to collect cultivators' souls. So these men were skilled in soul collecting.

Soul, namely the spiritual soul left after one's death, was a type of relatively peculiar energy in the universe. It could preserve all of one's existence such as memories and emotions after his or her death. In other words, it was another form of existence after one's death.

Souls, simply put, are ghosts, which is a more common interpretation of people.

However, they couldn't be preserved for ever in the universe, because they were not supported by bodies. Their energy would gradually grow weaker as time passed by. Eventually, the souls fully dissipated and left the universe.

Austin had no idea why these men were collecting souls.

But instead of pondering over this revelation, Austin released another spiritual sense flying needle, which intruded the man's brain. He then wielded his Negative Shadow Blade, finally putting an end to the man's life.

While he was fighting with men in black, Austin left Fanny somewhere away from the fighting. After he finished them off, Austin went to Fanny and pulled her closer to him.

Fanny was only 16 years old. Apart from her grandfather, no other man had ever dared to touch her body while she grew up.

But so far, Austin had touched her over and over again. The thought annoyed and embarrassed Fanny, turning her cheeks pink.

However, under the current situation, it was better if she didn't make any fuss.

"Fanny, have these men successfully deployed the array?"

Fanny replied after thinking for a few moments, "Yes, the energy within the valley has been more or less controlled. They have successfully deployed the array."

"Then, how do we escape from the array?"

"Hmm, this array is rather impressive. But there is a weak point in the northeast side. We can easily escape through that side."

Austin adopted his bodily movement skill as soon as he heard what Fanny had deduced and flew towards the northeast side with rocket-like speed.

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