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   Chapter 137 The Obtaining of Celestial Energy Ginseng

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In a blink of an eye, the red blood magical python widened its gigantic mouth and headed to the demon fox that was holding the celestial energy ginseng. The wind howled and a mass of rocks were tossed as it rushed towards the demon fox.

Everyone stopped, and watched the little demon fox that seemed paralyzed as it was not making any move.

The red blood magical python drove itself in front of the demon fox. Compared to its monstrous head, the demon fox looked nothing and as if the python could swallow it in just a second.

Quickly, the python stuck out its fork-like tongue and swiftly hit the demon fox.

Then a low explosive sound was heard.

Everyone saw the body of the demon fox burst like a bubble and scatter as violet specks of dust. They soared around, like innumerous fireflies rejoicing in the air.

The cultivators didn't saw any internal organ nor witnessed even a slight bleeding as if the demon fox was not composed of blood and flesh.


The demon fox is not real! What we saw is just an illusion image!"

The Earth Realm cultivators screamed in surprise. Being experienced as they were, they knew that the fox was not made of blood and flesh.

As it missed its target, the red blood magical python seemed to know that it was tricked on. It raised its big head high above the ground, opened its big and diamond-shaped eyes while looking for the demon fox, but all it found was just the cultivators.

Everyone was in chaos when they realized that the demon fox had run away.

It was for the celestial energy ginseng that they fought for so long and suddenly, the ginseng just had been taken away by the demon fox that disappeared and left an illusion.

The cultivators could not accept what they had just witnessed.

"Let's go and look for it! Damn it! I'll chop that demon fox into pieces once I find it!" someone shouted.

As the crowd buzzing in anger, high rank cultivators such as Leo of Peripatetic Sect and Frank of Flaming Sun Valley joined them to chase the demon fox too.

All of a sudden, the red blood magical python roared loudly in anger.

It wanted to hunt down the demon fox but it had no idea which direction to go.

Furiously, the red blood magical python stared at the cultivators with its bloodshot eyes. If these cultivators hadn't fought over to snatch the celestial energy ginseng, the demon fox wouldn't have

ached the outskirts of the valley.


In the outermost ring of the valley, scattered more than twenty people in black. Two men who seemed to be leaders of them stood side by side while looking at the center of the valley, where the battle between the cultivators and the python taking place.

"Tomb owner No. 30, when do you think we should start the Soul Collection Array?"

one of them asked.

"Let's wait for a little longer. The red blood magical python is powerful. Although it's no match for the cultivators, it will consume a lot of their energy in the battle. When the cultivators were exhausted, it will be the best time for us to start the array," the other man said slowly.

"That makes sense," he responded.

"Being able to take the celestial energy ginseng away under the gaze of the crowd, that demon fox is really no ordinary! However, since we have been guarding around the valley and arranged the array for such a long time, why haven't we seen the demon fox so far? Normally, if the demon fox had escaped, we should have found it," the other man said.

"I guess the demon fox is still in the valley. It's impossible for it to easily break through the Soul Collection Array. Fox is good at hiding. Maybe it is hiding somewhere in the valley and waiting for a chance to escape. Once we initiate the Soul Collection Array, there will be no place for it to hide. Soon, we will get the celestial energy ginseng," he answered.

Hearing that, the man nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, a man in black rushed over.

"Your graces, two cultivators are heading toward us!"

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