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   Chapter 134 The Soul Collection Array

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Frank was a talented disciple from the Flaming Sun Valley. On his arrival, the first thing he did was to occupy the nearest hill. Of course, there was no resistance to the occupation. The cultivators on the hill hardly matched up to him and obediently left on his instructions.

When the hill was quiet, a melodious bell rang in the air, announcing the arrival of two mysterious figures that flew down as light and fast as swallows.

When they stepped down, you could make out a young man and a young woman. There was definitely something otherworldly about them. If you stared into their eyes, you would say they were neither old nor young but eternal.

The man was tall and handsome, and a long sword hung from his waist. His face bore no expression but was neither hard nor mean. It was tranquil like stream water. You could sense he was thinking something but on the surface, everything was peaceful.

The young woman's snow-white skin and long black hair marked her from the crowd. Such gorgeous looks enhanced by bright sparkling eyes, somewhat like the phoenix's, made the rest think of her as a princess.

There was an inexplicable aura to them. No one had to ever ask, all knew in their hearts, that the pair was different.

"They are Leo and Cynthia from the Peripatetic Sect. Their coming too, to the Grand Desolation Mountain is most unexpected," said someone.

The Peripatetic Sect was the most superior sect in the whole of Violet Orchid Empire. Its power outdistanced that of all other sects'.

Even the royal family of the Violet Orchid Empire showed respect to this sect.

For this reason, the Peripatetic Sect's disciples were highly regarded by the common folk.

Leo was not only the disciple of the Peripatetic Sect, but the best of the lot. It was said that his cultivation base had reached the medium stage of Earth Realm and he ranked seventh among the young generation of the Violet Orchid Empire.

Leo and Cynthia went directly to one of the hills near the celestial energy ginseng. There were several cultivators there and they had just conquered a place from the others through a battle. And now, looking at Leo and Cynthia coming over, they felt both angry and frustrated.

Glaring at the pair, their leader hesitated for a moment. He very well knew how strong these two people were. Finally, he gritted his teeth and withdrew with his gang.

They had better go away and find another place.

Soon, they took over another hill with violence. Their conquest was a little farther away from the one they had recently left.

This was exactly 'the big fish eat small fish and the small fish eat shrimps' world.

Austin was impressed by the celestial energy ginseng attracting so many cultivators.

It was norm for disciples of the five major sects of the Violet Orchid Empire to come here.

However, it seemed that Sun Sect and Joy Gang had no elite disciples present at the moment.

Marvin, Billy and Austin were from Sun Sect and in fact, ordinary. The strongest among them was only at level eight of the Energy Gathering Realm. There wasn't even a single man who had reached the Earth Realm of vital energy present.

The disciples of Joy Gang too were only at the Energy Gathering Realm as well. None of the core disciples had showed up this time.

But, there were many elites from the other three sects, i.e. the Peripatetic Sect, the Flaming Sun Valley and the Bloody Hero Gang. . . .

"Look! The ce

by my grandpa's big array. Let alone the cultivators here. They are nothing in the face of such a strong array," she pouted.

She was angry at Austin for looking down upon her.

"Even a medium stage cultivator at the Mysterious Realm was trapped? It's incredible!"

Mouth agape with incredulity, Austin looked at Fanny in dismay.

The Mysterious Realm cultivator was very strong. So, could one imagine how powerful the big array should be?

And Fanny's grandfather was an expert if he could deploy such a skillful array.

In fact, Austin didn't doubt the authenticity of Fanny's words. He just felt that Fanny was childlike in her behavior.

'If this so-called Soul Collection Array is that powerful, when it is effected, even I can't run away from it.'

He felt nervous thinking this.

Somewhat unexpectedly, Fanny was calm. "Since you've said that all cultivators here and even you can't break this array, why aren't you worried?" wondered Austin. "As soon as the array starts, I'm afraid even you can't escape," he added.

When Fanny heard this, she immediately raised her beautiful face triumphantly.

"I can't break the array, but it also can't trap me. Are you afraid that you can't escape? Take it easy! I'll be kind enough to take you out," Fanny giggled.

"Can you really run away from the array?"

Looking at her delicate body, Austin was still worried. She was a weak girl anyway, how was she supposed to rescue him?

"You can rest assured that I will keep my promises. Leave that to me!"

Fanny patted herself expansively on the chest like a man.

Austin cast his eyes unconsciously at her chest.

He noticed that despite the girl being very young, her body was a woman's.

"What are you looking at? You pervert! You're peeping at places people shouldn't see."

Fanny folded her hands over her chest and her eyes filled with tears at once.

Austin looked away embarrassed. His expression was of extreme guilt, quite like a sugar daddy when caught by others when flirting with a young girl.

Fanny glared at his awkward look and snorted, "Just as my aunt used to say, all men are lecherous."

Austin was thunderstruck by her conclusion. 'How come little girls nowadays are so mature in their thoughts? She seems to know all things that she shouldn't know.'

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