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   Chapter 130 The Girl Who Ran (Part Two)

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Austin's guess was correct. The scene just now was being replayed several times in her mind. It was not the first time she had seen murder, but it was the first time for her to witness such a bloody and cruel scene. Therefore, she could not calm down in a moment and needed some time to regain her consciousness.

Seeing Austin's glance at her, she felt her heart almost stop beating and a terrified look came back to her face once more.

Only at this moment did she understand what kind of person she had dragged into her troubles now. Maybe the words 'murder maniac' could best describe him now!

'Has she been scared out of her wits?'

Austin frowned slightly. He used the Wind-commanding Skill and with a single jump, moved to the young girl's side in just a few seconds.

The young girl walked backwards to keep away from Austin. Her long eyelashes kept shaking as if she was seeing the ultimate definition of fear.

"Don't kill me, please! I beg you!"

Seeing her pitiful and frightened expression, Austin smiled secretly in his heart, 'What a scared little rabbit!'

"Why did you frame me up just now? Tell me! Be quick!"

Austin intended to scare her, and asked her fiercely, showing an angry look on his face.

"I...... I...... I did not do that on purpose. I don't want to die! You...... Please don't kill me! Wahhhh...…"

The young girl suddenly started crying loudly in fear. Seeing her weeping so loud, Austin squinted his eyes and felt speechless.

'What the hell did this girl mean by shedding tears? She was a big girl now, why was she crying without a reason?'

"That's fine. Now please don't cry. I was kidding just now!" Austin tried to comfort her but did not meet much success.

"Look at me! Do you think I am such a bad person! I won't kill you!" Austin tried his best to gently say these words but

the young girl did not stop crying. Austin looked around and tried to say other things to calm her down. However, besides saying 'don't cry', he did not know what else he could say.

He felt like he was coaxing a little kid of four or five years old.

The girl kept on crying for a l

of their money. They did not look like good people anyway. However, they discovered the theft midway and gave chase." The young girl explained all the details as if Austin was a big brother to her.

Austin felt speechless again after hearing this young girl's story. To his surprise, this young girl was just a naughty girl running away from home.

He carefully looked at her, only to find that the girl had a fresh and firm skin and her dressing sense was also very good. In fact, were it not for the blood, her clothes would have been luxurious. Although she looked smart and lovely, she also had a unique and noble temperament, which only existed in young ladies from big families.

It wouldn't have been wrong to say that besides her outstanding array expert grandfather, the girl must have come from an extraordinary family.

Alas! This little girl must have been spoon-fed ever since she was born. She was also very bold to run away from home like that and wander around alone. What was more, how had she been daring enough to come to this dangerous Grand Desolation Mountain?

Austin had found at the very beginning that the girl's cultivation base was seventh level of Energy Gathering Realm.

Such vital energy and cultivation base, together with her scanty experience of the outer world clearly said that it was very dangerous for her to be traveling around the outer areas of Grand Desolation Mountain.

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