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   Chapter 129 The Girl Who Ran (Part One)

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Threatened by the sharp and cold touch of the sword on her neck, the girl's mouth was left wide open in surprise on seeing Austin in this mood. She had never expected that this young man or rather, this young boy, whom she had dragged into such a dangerous situation would be so strong.

He didn't look very mature. He seemed to be less than twenty years old. So, how could he be so strong at his age?

There was a tremble in her body and a chill in her spine on seeing Austin covered by blood. His eyes were cold, and they spoke of death and murder. They cast similar intents. Everything showed that this young man was not only furious but had also become a dangerous figure.

The girl found fear and astonishment rising from the depth of her heart. Her shining, beautiful eyes were now full of evident desperation and insurmountable fear.

Compared to the enemies who had chased her for so long time, Austin seemed to be much eviler to her. He was a bloody killer.

He had killed a man as easily as if he was killing an ant. His cold face had not changed from the very beginning to the end of the fight and even his eyes had not blinked!

He didn't seem to take human life as valuable, and it seemed to be the equivalent of mud to him.

Just as the young girl felt deep fear, the big man holding the sword on her neck had the same feeling too.

His target, Austin, was getting closer to him instead of going away.

He had the cultivation base of seventh-level Energy Gathering Realm. However, just now, two of the five people who Austin had defeated with a single punch were at the same level.

That being the case, the young man who was approaching him step by step, like Death herself, could kill him as easy as a single punch did.

Thinking about this, the big man was terrified, and both his body and spiritual soul trembled at this idea.

"My friend, calm down. It was a mistake!"

The big man, who was the head of this crowd, broke into a cold sweat and tried to reason with his opponent. He was terrified to see Austin's approach. He tried to produce a dim, watery smile on his face and asked again, "My Friend, we haven't really done anything to you. Could you please stop there? We can get on well with each other."

Austin did not respond. He looked indifferent

g girl was so overwhelmed with an intense sense of fear that she could not even find the tongue and words to express her feeling. She only shouted in her chaotic mind.

Her exquisite and delicate figure was now covered by the blood emanating from the big man, emitting a strong smell of death and blood. She wanted to throw up, but her organs seemed to have lost their functions. The brutal scene she had witnessed just now had almost made her mad. After taking several breaths to recover herself, the young girl finally found her tongue and feet. She screamed like a frightened rabbit and ran away desperately from Austin.

She dared to stop only after running about a hundred meters. Her heart was racing uncontrollably. She managed to turn back, only to find Austin standing still like a Death in the center of the clearing they were in.

At that moment, the other people hesitated only for a short while and then all ran away immediately.

Even though this young girl had stolen several valuable things from the crowd, the most precious of those objects could not be compared to their lives. Therefore, upon seeing the terrible death of the big man, they ran away for their lives.

Austin turned to look at the young girl now.

The girl was standing still about a hundred meters away, terrified out of her wits. Her clothes, covered in red blood, seemed to be entirely different from before due to the stains. Her face was pale, and her body was trembling constantly. She looked like she hadn't recovered from her fears.

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