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   Chapter 128 The Human Beast

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The girl turned pale, and her heart pounded wildly, as she looked at the burly men who now surrounded her closely. As a level seven Energy Gathering Realm cultivator, she was not strong enough to defeat this group. More unfortunate was the fact that a dozen people surrounded her. She knew that escaping this situation was almost impossible.

With no options, she turned to look at Austin with big tear-filled eyes. She was angry about his ruthless and scolded him aloud, "Asshole! Don't you feel any shame at all? I am putting a curse on you! I declare that you will not die in peace; diabolic beasts in this mountain range will eat you; your spiritual souls will be destroyed, and you shall be punished to death by the thunder!" She wanted to curse him further but stopped.

Her situation was very dire.

If Austin had not stood in the middle of her path to stop her, she would have long escaped from these people and would be in no danger of being besieged like she was now. Recalling what happened made her feel not just aggrieved, but also furious. She kept staring at Austin with hatred.

He ignored what he saw in her eyes. Instead, he threw her a glance then snorted with disdain.

Based on his observation of the men gathered around the girl, they were not among the good guys either. Although aware of this fact, he made no move to help the girl simply because, in the past, she was responsible for framing him. So, even if he knew she was under siege, he refused to feel any sympathy for her. The truth was he thought she deserved it.

What's more, it seemed the reason why the bad guys were chasing her was that she had stolen something from them.

Pondering this, Austin shook his head and decided he was not going to get involved in this. He turned around and got ready to leave.

The girl accepted that Austin was cold and uncaring, but she still felt nervous and confused. Once he left, there would not even be the slightest hope for her. If Austin did nothing to help her out, just staying around would make her feel safe with an irrelevant person present. But the moment she was left alone, she would be totally helpless, and this made her feel very, very cold.

The burly guys also noted Austin had every intention to leave, and they exchanged a quick, meaningful look among them. Two of them loped off without being seen.

The two managed to sneak up on Austin from behind, one armed with a sword, the other with a steel knife.

Whether Austin was a fellow apprentice of the girl in trouble or not, since he had witnessed the matter, there was no reason to keep Austin alive.

The girl quickly noticed the situation and intended to warn Austin. But before she could say anything, she felt something cold—a sword to her neck. Left with no choice, she clamped her mouth shut right away.

Like the girl, the two stalkers behind Austin were level seven Energy Gathering Realm cultivators.

Surprisingly, they moved so fast that they were able to close in on Austin in record time. The cold, flashing blades went straight towards the vital part of the cultivator's back.


ng on the ground, and any fighting ability is lost.

With a smug look, Austin thought, 'Aha, everyone thinks that a cultivator's vital energy level reflected his real powers, so they give little attention to the body-refining formula.

However, they don't get it at all. These people don't understand that a cultivator whose physical body is extremely strong becomes almost invincible!'

The idea came to him as Austin was enjoying the one-sided fight that saw him decimate the competition.

If there was a chance for him to cultivate the second and third, or even the fourth and fifth level of the Overlord Body-Refining Formula, how horrible would his fighting ability be?

At the fifth level, for example, a single punch would land 15, 000 pounds of force on the enemy. Most diabolic beasts would not be able to withstand this power, let alone a human body. So fighting ability would be ten times more powerful.

Suddenly, Austin couldn't stop yearning for more strength. However, thinking of the astronomical cost—in terms of wealth and resources—needed for the cultivation of the Overlord Body-Refining Formula, he gave a wry smile.

Bam! Bam!

After finishing off the first three of the strong men, Austin then catapulted another two with his fists in succession.

Then he faced the others, throwing a punch for each person. He attacked five men, where two were severely injured, and three ended up dead.

The rest quickly escaped Austin's wrath, as if they'd run into a ghost. They did not stop running until they were as far away from Austin as possible.

Each time they looked back at the young cultivator, panic would be written all over their faces.

The man was simply a human beast, with amazingly powerful fists. More fearsome was the fact that Austin never even batted an eyelash every time he killed people.

At that moment, Austin stood in the middle of the field, his eyes cold. He took each step deliberately. His clothes fluttered around him even without any wind. The man cut a figure like an awe-inspiring deity comes into the world!

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