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   Chapter 127 Raymond's Revenge (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 7690

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Before Austin came to the Martial World, this had been his pet phrase. He had made it his life's motto back then, and now it just escaped his lips.

Before leaving, Austin searched the shattered corpse of the Blood Wolf Team, and found about five thousand vital energy crystals in his pockets.

Nefariously, he thought that killing and looting was a very quick way to become wealthy, even though an indecent one.

Austin was very pleased that he had received thousands of vital energy crystals without having to do almost anything at all.

But pretty soon, his mind wandered and turned its attention in the direction of the celestial energy ginseng. He realized that this was something far more precious than any amount of vital energy crystals he could gather.

The very next instant, he disappeared using the Wind-commanding Skill. . . . .

Somewhere deep in the Grand Desolation Mountain.

The sounds of a wild struggle and the shouts of several people, as if they were chasing someone, suddenly broke the silence of the mountain forest.

A girl in a purple dress appeared between the trees, running as fast as her legs could carry her. She was about seventeen years old and looked quite pretty. However, her crystal-like eyes were made unattractive by the fact that they were filled with flutter and fear.

Behind her, a dozen men were chasing her like a lion chasing its prey. Those men were all carrying weapons, and looked vicious with anger, and there were murderous looks on all of their faces.

"Stop, you little thief! How dare you steal my thing! I am gonna tear you to pieces!"

one of them yelled loudly. He sounded way more anxious than angry though, as if the girl had taken something very important from him.

What he said added to the girl's panic and she tried her best to speed up.

"Hurry up! The thief is fast. Seize her and don't let her run away! She has my low-grade spiritual weapon! It is only a level 2 but it cost me a fucking lot of money!" one of the pursuers shouted.

"You're telling me you're making a fuss about a level 2 weapon? Hell man, mine is a fucking level 4! I will suffer a greater loss if we can't catch her!"

another one of them answered rather grumpily, huffing as they all chased her.

"Oye, you two! My situatio

This is for your picking and stealing, as well as for rolling me into the mud. I am sorry, but you stole things and it is you who has to stay and clear up the mess."

Soon as he finished speaking, Austin activated the Negative Shadow Blade. The next second, a black shadow of a blade appeared in the air right in front of the girl, blocking her way.

She had been running fast, and was startled when she found a dark blade appearing out of nowhere and pointing at her. It was only a few meters away, and even the air had turned cold with its presence!

If she hadn't reacted quickly and stopped in her path, she definitely would have run into the blade and got pierced in the chest by it.

She could even imagine the sharp pang and coldness it would give if it crashed through her heart!

"How could you …"

The girl was thrown into a panic since she had never expected that Austin would put her into even bigger danger instead of being her savior. She had no choice but to come to a sudden halt

and watch the frenzied crowd approach her ecstatically.

The mob was wild with joy on seeing her stop. They fanned out while rushing towards her, and surrounded her completely in no time.

"Where are you going, little thief?"

the burly man leading the crowd thundered through clenched teeth, with killing intent written clearly on his face.

The others surrounding her all sneered, some of which even sized her curvy and delicate figure up lustfully.

"I'm going to make you beg for death, you little thief!"

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