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   Chapter 126 Raymond's Revenge (Part One)

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Finally, faced with a truth or death situation, the Blood Wolf Team spilled the beans pretty quickly, with no details to spare.

"All right, all right! It was Raymond!" the man blurted out. "Raymond from the Flaming Sun Valley hired us to kill you!" There was a brief moment of silence as Austin took in the news.

"Hang on, WHAT? Raymond? From the Flaming Sun Valley?"

Austin was utterly confused. Of course he had heard about the Flaming Sun Valley. It was touted to be the second strongest among all the five sects in Violet Orchid Empire. In fact, people said it was even more powerful than Sun Sect!

That was exactly why he was confused, though! As someone who was merely an outer disciple of the Sun Sect, why would someone from a more powerful sect want him dead? Yet here they were, even willing to pay others to kill him? As far as he could remember, Austin hadn't had any associations with the Flaming Sun Valley ever in the past.

'Hang on a second!' something suddenly struck Austin. The name Raymond sounded a little familiar to him.

He began to search the depths of his mind, and sure enough, it wasn't long before the revolting face of an arrogant man came to him.

"Ah! It was this guy! The bastard!"

Austin recalled everything clearly. It had happened the day he had gone to dine in the Lotus Tavern in Peace Town, together with Evan and Denali.

Right on the main street outside the tavern, he had taught a young ruffian a good lesson. The punk had a loyal attendant with him called Weaver. This Weaver guy and all the others were calling their master 'Raymond'.

Austin had never expected that he was from the Flaming Sun Valley.

"Tell me! Who exactly is this Raymond? What's his position in the Flaming Sun Valley?"

Austin asked with his eyebrows furrowed. It would have been a costly affair to arrange murder.

He was surprised that the ruffian could have afforded it and that he had born a grudge against him since that time. It really was unexpected that he would go so far as to hire the Blood Wolf Team to hunt him down.

"He is the grandson of Flaming Sun Valley's leader," th

ing him so soon.

Austin turned back swiftly and made a lunge. He was back in front of the man in the blink of an eye, before the man could even grab the signal shell properly.

"You asked for it this time!"

As soon as Austin finished speaking, his arm flung forwards and struck the man right in his stomach. It was such a powerful punch that even the air around seemed to shake with its force.

The signal shell was flung into the air instantly, and so was the man from the Blood Wolf Team. He spat blood out of his mouth as his internal organs ruptured and the bones in his chest got smashed into pieces. He seemed to have been punched by an army all together. He couldn't even feel it as he died instantly. Flying through the air, his body hit the ground 50 feet away like a sack of potatoes. And there he lay motionless and lifeless with his eyes still open, gazing out from the hole his corpse had made when it had fallen on the ground.

Austin's punch was strong enough to beat a level 3 violent ape, a creature famously known for its strength, to a pulp.

And this time, its target was a mere weakling of a human body. Even though the man was a cultivator who had refined himself all the way to the Energy Gathering Realm, his flesh was still vulnerable. And compared to the tough skins of demonic or diabolic beasts, his skin and flesh were like butter.

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you!

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