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   Chapter 125 Defeated With A Single Punch

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 10043

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Humph! Your brute force makes you so arrogant, Skippy! Know this: even if you train your body to the extreme, it is still a cultivation method at a low grade. You cannot rely on brute force forever! And since you have killed members of the Blood Wolf Team, this team will chase you from now on until you die, the cultivator declared.

"You talk too much!

Since, you insist on belittling my physical strength, I will kill you with it so you will never forget it!" Austin said coldly.

His eyes were filled with a fighting and killing will. His fists clenched and his two arms bulged all of a sudden. They were twice as thick as the usual. Sounds similar to pop rocks emanating from his arms were so loud as if a great force was ready to burst any time.

"You arrogant fool! Soon, you will be dead!" the Blood Wolf Team member bellowed in anger.

Swiftly, he moved and then his half level blade intent transformed into a blade radiance that sliced towards Austin as fast as lightning.

The blade radiance seemed to cut into everything around it, and nothing could bear its force. It regarded everything in its path as weak as grass. Soon, it was rushing towards Austin with great force and at high speed.

The fury of the blade radiance made Austin feel as if there were countless invisible steel blades cutting towards his direction.

Even before the blade radiance touched his body, it felt as if he was being cut into pieces by the furious blade intent.

'A cultivator's intent is truly a miracle!' Austin thought.

He sighed inwardly and prepared to fight back.

It was his second time to be confronted with the intent of the cultivator in the last several days.

But that was all there was to it. How could it possibly hurt Austin?

There were one thousand pounds of force in each of Austin's arms. That force seemed to burst out of Austin's extremities instantly. He moved without hesitation.

"I can break it easily!" he roared.

As he said this, his right fist shot out, without any extra effort and motion, and directly hit the blade radiance charging towards him!

The force of a thousand pounds concentrated into one point and hit the blade radiance in one second.

Buzz! Buzz!

The powerful blade intent in the radiance gave off a miserable sound before it quivered dramatically. Then it completely broke into several pieces!

Instantly, the blade vanished.

"Wha.. What!?"

For an instant, no one moved.

Then the Blood Wolf Team's cultivator retreated several steps. His face had turned red due to the collision, and he could not believe what he had just seen.

He could no longer stand what had just happened. His mouth dropped open, and blood gushed out. And his face was suddenly drenched.

The result of the collision almost turned his knowledge of martial arts into something unfamiliar.

He never expected his blade intent, something he was so proud of, could break into pieces like that with a man's fist alone, with pu

despite his cruel face. But seeing him now trembling like a leaf as he faced death, angered Austin more.

"Okay, if you want to stay alive, you need to tell me two things. First, who hired you to chase and kill me?

And second, tell me everything about the celestial energy ginseng. I want every detail."

The answers to both questions were crucial, so Austin could afford to spare the cultivator's life.

The Blood Wolf Team member hesitated briefly.

After all, every member of the team was forbidden to give out any information about their employer. The secrecy was the only way for the Blood Wolf Team to remain famous and continue doing business.

And this man had never made such a grave mistake in his life, until now.

As to the news about the celestial energy ginseng, it didn't matter if the man told Austin about it or not because the news had spread and others would know about it.

If Austin found any ordinary cultivator in the Grand Desolation Mountain and asked for news, he would have known what was happening, more or less, at that time.

Sensing the member's hesitation, he let out a punch towards the opposite direction. Instantly, a small-sized hurricane appeared out of nowhere. Then, the member's hair started falling off, and shortly after, half the hair covering his forehead was gone!

The fist with the power of a thousand pounds whizzed past the cultivator's left ear.

An earsplitting sound burst near his left ear as a result of the fist's tremendous power. Then the cultivator realized he could no longer hear anything in that ear! The damage to the eardrum left him completely deaf.

With this realization, the member's heart pounded so hard as if it was about to burst out of his chest.

And he understood that if Austin punched him on the face, his face would be obliterated and turn to dust.

His fear got the better of him. He finally cast aside any hesitation.

"Alright, I am willing to tell you. But please have mercy on me!"

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