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   Chapter 123 A Taste of Power (Part Two0

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While the monster had a thick layer of coat as well as a rough and resilient skin all over, its chest area had very little protection. It gave in to Austin's perfectly timed and powerful attack.

The venomous substance that leaked from its mouth now gushed out from the monster's chest. Its blood was poisonous.

"Was that it? Come on!"

Unaffected by the deathly ooze that spurted from the monster's chest, Austin continued to pound and beat the monster's bosom.





The punches he threw resounded. His movements were fast and fluid, and the monster was simply outclassed.

Like heavy rain, the punches he threw struck the monster consistently. With every strike he threw, the monster took a step backwards. It took all the energy the monster could muster, while nothing could protect it from the power that emanated from Austin's fists.

These third level beasts were known for their tough exterior. Not even a sword from a trained and a skilled hunter could scratch its skin.

But Austin's punches were different. A single blow could hurl a full-grown bear sweeping it from the ground. His punches could tear through skin, break bones, and damage vital organs.

"Fascinating!" said Austin, feeling amazed and excited as now he knew how powerful the skill and Overlord Body-refining Formula were.

The barrage of punches came in perpetually, not giving the monster any chance to recover or to escape.

After another salvo of punches, the monster fell viciously to the ground. It lost any power, let alone any will, to fight back. Ultimately, the monster fell the same way the trees were leveled down. It lay on the ground, lifeless.

After he saw what had become of the third level monster, Austin gave a roar of excitement. "Ha-ha! Level three monster? And who would expect this would be so easy?"

Austin felt a rush of excitement taking over him rather than exhaustion. Like leveling up, his strength grew, and his power increased.

Each punch he threw had the force equivalent to the weight of five full-grown adult males. Hence, the feature and the attributes that these third level of beasts were so known for did very little to protect the beast.

As Austin stood triumphantly over the dead monster's body, there came a loud and deep noise.

The earth beneath him trembled and the felled carcass of the monster shook. The trees swayed and the mountains quivered. His senses told hi


By the road side stood an ancient tree. It was large enough for four to five individuals to surround it. It was the perfect backdrop for lurking behind the shadows. The large trunk provided a platform that could support the weight of several full-sized adults and the leaves and the branches of the tree could easily hide anything behind it. A figure stood motionless behind the overgrowth from among the branches. The man was intently watching and keenly observing something.

It was Austin. He overheard the loud barking of the two men on the road and recognized them from the Blood Wolf Team. He knew they were after him, so he quickly hid in the shadows.

His spiritual sense heightened his ability to hear. By fixating on their conversation, Austin was able to make out what the two men were talking about.

Austin was quite impressed. 'How did people from the Blood Wolf Team manage to get information about my location and my whereabouts?

They must have superior tracking skills to even know I've been to the realm of level four beasts!' He wondered.

The people from the Blood Wolf Team had a deadly encounter with Austin several days back in the area of level two monsters. From here, Austin gained access to the area of level three beasts from where he tailed Lois and the others to where the level four diabolic monsters lived. All the people of the Blood Wolf Team knew of this tale.

...... ......

There it was. The celestial energy ginseng!

And not just any kind, it was a 700-year-old celestial energy ginseng!

He couldn't believe it. There was fire burning from Austin's eyes as he heard the news.

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