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   Chapter 122 A Taste of Power (Part One)

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As soon as Austin vaulted off from the vast cylindrical opening of the steel chamber, a surge of power emanated from his fists. It reverberated through his body.

Noticing his bare and naked form, he began putting his clothes on. Although it was to be expected, he was still surprised to see the changes to his physique. His muscles were toned; his figure was refined, and deep inside he felt a little more assured.

He placed his hands high above his chest and began to feel his body. It was as solid and adamant as steel.

He was more conscious to the changes in his body now more than ever. He lifted up his sleeves and wondered at his arms. His jade-like arms were both delicate and tough.

Gently clutching his fists together, he heard a snap.


He felt power coursing through his veins. It took over him and he gave out a resonating cry. Stomping the ground beneath him, he thrust towards a large stump. He moved so fast yet so graceful that he could easily be mistaken for an arrow set loose by a skilled marksman.


With precision, he landed right in front of the huge tree. His movement was so fast; it seemed incomprehensible to the untrained eye. With sheer force, he knocked the tree down from its roots. The tree seemed monumental that even two full sized adults couldn't bear to hug it, and it fell carelessly from a single blow.


Unsatisfied with his display of power, Austin set his sight on another tree. It seemed larger and beefier, almost twice the size of the one he just fell. With the same speed, he lunged over and sank his fist beneath the tree's large trunk. Moments later...


The tree shook violently that splits and fissures slowly appeared, breaking the tree in half.


The tree broke into two, with both sides falling directly opposite of each other. Fragments of wood flew in every direction.

Austin spotted another tree and gave it another blow, and this time it took the tree less than a second to fall helplessly to the ground.

The dust settled, and it smelled of fresh wood and earth. He left a mess, but all Austin could think of was how awesome it felt. There was so much potential to the new power he wielded.

He observed his surroundings and then he shifted his focus

lched out a thundering noise with a poisonous fume. Its roar was deep and sinister, and the sound his pounding made was like thunder. It could really scare the living soul of a weak-minded human, but not Austin, not in his overlord body.

With keen observation, helped by his spiritual sense, Austin saw that the spirit in the monstrous ape was both furious and frustrated.

"Fate will decide who is stronger!" Austin shouted, knowing in himself that fate would play very little to no part in this opportunity to test his power.

Austin took a single step that brought him right in front of the monstrous ape, applying the same technique he used when he lunged over the trees. But this time he knew he had used it better. The three trees he felled gave him enough opportunity to perfect this move. Furthermore, the experience he had acquired from hitting the trees did not only simply refine his attack skills, but also enhanced his ability to detect an enemy's weakness. In his heart, he wanted to punch the monster right in the face. It'd be visually satisfying and emotionally fulfilling, but his new instinct told him to aim for the chest. Austin raised his hands, and with a powerful blow, he struck the violent ape in the chest.


Both Austin and the monster knew the sound. They both knew it was over.

The third level monster beast had the power and the strength to end the lives of a thousand soldiers, but his lack of speed and dexterity was his downfall. He was no match for Austin to begin with.

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