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   Chapter 121 The Overlord Body-Refining Formula (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6447

Updated: 2019-06-12 00:22

In an instant, Austin started regarding the formula with special respect instead of exasperation.

But thinking of the cost it would incur, he was a bit dejected too.

The fifth level would have cost 10 million vital energy crystals, which was an astronomical figure for him. Perhaps only Theon had that kind of money and he wasn't sure about!

Thinking about this, his eyes landed and stopped on the big iron bucket sitting and humming quietly in the open space of the forest. The medicinal liquid in it was boiling softly.

It was equivalent to 500, 000 vital energy crystals which would have bled him dry!

After thinking for a while, Austin finally made the decision to start from the first level.

It was a great chance to get the medicine liquid after all.

If he really was able to exert a 1, 000 pounds of force in a single punch, his fighting capacity would have increased tremendously.

Once he had decided, he started the cultivation method without hesitation. Since there were two small buckets of vigor tree's sap besides the big iron bucket, he mixed them together.

Suddenly, a loud noise burst out from the giant iron bucket and the liquid started bubbling. Its vapor turned green now, as if he was boiling stew.

After waiting for a while, the vigor tree's sap and the medicine liquid finally mixed together. The green vapor slowly turned a hot shade of bright red. The luster and the clouds of steam that it emanated were flowing around and warning of its high temperature.

'I'm not going to turn into a boiled fish, right?'

Looking at the bubbling liquid, Austin thought worriedly.

Cautiously, he tried touching the liquid with just one finger.


Contrary to its appearance and boiling steam, it didn't feel hot at all.

Austin was surprised. He took off all his clothes and jumped into the giant iron bucket immediately.

It was like being immersed in

y person could have even died of the pain.


The pain faded away little by little, like the ebb of a tide at the end of the cycle.

His body now felt comfortable and refreshed.

"Ah..." He breathed a sigh of relief and let out a moan, soaking himself into the joy of being a survivor amidst the suffering.

However, his under garments had been saturated by a cold sweat as if he had taken a cold bath, and his perspiration was mixed with some black, foul substance.

A quarter of an hour later, Austin felt a sort of dryness and heat in his body. He was also more energetic than ever. The fatigue and sleepiness of these days seemed to have disappeared.

With almost no effort, he jumped out of the huge iron bucket, spraying out a small burst of medicinal liquid, and stood still on the ground. With a pinch of both his fists, a crisp sound like frying beans burst out.

Feeling with his fingers, he found that his skin had become more smooth and elastic than before. At least it felt so.

"Did I just finish the first level?"

Austin brandished his fists and tried a few air punches. With each swipe, wind gushed forth, and he felt infinite strength lurking in his hands. This was different from before. He might just have cleared the first level!

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