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   Chapter 120 The Overlord Body-Refining Formula(Part One)

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After collecting all the Space Rings that were spread around the area, Austin's roaming gaze finally stopped as they landed on a giant metal bucket right in the middle of an open space from which the medicinal vapor was rising.

Somehow, everyone had managed to deliberately avoid hitting the bucket even when they were furious. Most probably because they all knew that the medicinal liquid in it was priceless and precious for everyone.

"Overlord Body-Refining Formula... ... …"

Austin recalled what Lois had told him earlier, "Scott extracted the sap of vigor trees in order to cultivate the Overlord Body-Refining Formula." It was precious and rare!

According to Lois, the Overlord Body-Refining Formula, an inheritance she had received from her ancestors had later turned out to be a grade seven formula.

Grade Seven formulae were a rare occurrence around the entire globe. They were invaluable, extraordinarily difficult to find, and difficult to process even for the great sects.

The Overlord Body-Refining Formula was extremely powerful as well as remarkably useful for body cultivation. However, the preciousness of formulae related to practicing vital energy increased from the well-known fact that the vital energy level of a cultivator reflected his/her true powers. In fact, it was the sole way of measuring it.

Thus Body cultivation, which allowed a cultivator to improve body constitution and strengthen vitality, was usually regarded as an auxiliary and complement effort to vital energy practice.

Giving too much time and effort to one's physical practice was often seen as catching the shadow and losing the substance in the chase.

Therefore, physical-practicing formulae were typically not welcomed by cultivators and they avoided, more so if the formula was not very expensive.

But, even if that were true, the grade of this particular formula alone was high enough to attract several cultivators.

Scott was one of them, he unintentionally heard the position of Overlord Body-Refining Formula and poisoned Gilbert to death to steal it. Then he rushed to this vigor tree forest and extracted sap to cultivate this grade seven formula.

'Skill is no burden. Since it's a grade seven formula, it must have its forte.'

Austin's mind started to activate and he pondered over how to use the formula.

Then he took out Scott's Space Ring

y strong. It would make the skin be bright and jade-like, and one's flesh and blood would no longer be mortal. It would have made you invulnerable against mortal weapons, and you would have been insusceptible to fire and water. An all-out attack by a senior cultivator of Earth Realm wouldn't have damaged you and your single punch could have landed 10, 000 pounds of force. The fourth level cost the equivalent of about 5 million vital energy crystals.

In the fifth level, the cultivation of Overlord Body-Refining Formula came to the Major Achievement Stage. This was the most powerful one and was beyond anyone's imagination. At the fifth stage, the flesh body would have been able to resist an all-out hit by a secondary cultivator of Mysterious Realm. A single punch would have landed 15, 000 pounds of force, but the price was equally ridiculous. It cost the equivalent of about 10 million vital energy crystals!


Austin's heart beat wildly on reading the thing, and he exclaimed 'oh my god' out loud, thinking, 'If cultivated to Major Achievement Stage, the flesh body would actually be able to resist an all-out attack by a secondary cultivator of Mysterious Realm. That's horrific and fascinating at the same time.'

There was only one Mysterious Realm cultivator in Sun Sect—the Leader, Theon.

So, in other words, if someone could actually cultivate the Overlord Body-Refining Formula to the fifth stage, his strength would have been comparable to Theon. And that was only about his physical strength. One's spiritual strength could always be increased.

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