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   Chapter 118 Master Of Mysterious Realm

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As his confident aura continued to increase, Scott quickly created another shining moon using his vital energy.

"Everyone of you here today must die!" he roared.

Then Scott unleashed a howl of fury.

The moon hurtled towards his enemies with overwhelming momentum and looked unstoppable.

Seeing such a powerful demonstration of strength left Austin feeling bitter.

He initially thought Scott was just an ordinary man who had taken advantage of his relationship with Lois to gain strength.

But now, he understood this man they were up against had exceptional talent in the martial arts.

Although Lois, Nigel, and Elton were almost at the same refining level as Scott, their fighting abilities still could not match their opponent.

After listening to Lois' motivational analysis, Austin believed they could easily defeat Scott and Barbara because of their 5-2 advantage.

However, watching them struggle in fighting with Scott made him realize how wrong he was.

"Boy, why the hesitation? Are you having second thoughts?"

Momentarily distracted in the middle of her fight with Barbara, Lois had to question Austin. There was no doubt in her mind how urgent their situation was.

Her strength slightly prevailed over Barbara's, so she only felt a little pressure during the fight.

Still, she was well aware that victory for them depended on the outcome of her companions' battle with Scott.

The only way to win this battle was for Nigel, Elton, and Lyle to kill Scott. Otherwise, not only would they fail to get what they were aspiring for, but also they were likely to lose their lives.

And Barbara was very clear on this as well, so instead of attacking Lois, she concentrated on defense. And this was why Lois didn't easily defeat her opponent.

Austin sighed in resignation. His plan was to remain detached throughout the battle and observe from a safe distance while waiting for the chance to benefit from the anticipated violent ending.

However, it was becoming clear that Nigel, Elton, and Lyle were nowhere near defeating Scott, much less killing him.

And the skillful disciple knew that if he stood around, Scott would not easily let him go once he had disposed of the three people charging at him.

It was this thought that eventually pushed Austin to decide to step in.

Quickly, he summoned a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle and using his mind, controlled it to aim at Scott's head.

At the same time, he dashed towards Barbara, and suddenly appeared in fro

s here today specially to deal with you. Still, he isn't going to fight with you before we fail to defeat you.

So either way, you are definitely dying here today!" he scoffed.

As he finished speaking, Lyle winked at his two companions.

Fortunately, Nigel and Elton immediately understood what he meant.

"Yeah, there's no way for you to escape now, Scott. But if you surrender directly, we can grant you a swift death.

Otherwise, you're going to regret being alive!"

* *

Although Lois could fare well in a one-on-one fight with Barbara, Austin's intervention gave her a better advantage. Both his smooth bodily movement skill and elusive Twin Shadow Blades had helped put Barbara's life in danger.

It was not long before Barbara's entire body was covered with wounds resulting from their attacks.

She was already sweating profusely and panting for breath. It was clear Barbara was nearly at the end of her strength.

While assisting Lois in attacking Barbara, Austin spared some of his spiritual sense to observe the other side of the battlefield.

He sniggered when he heard Scott mistaking him for a Mysterious-Realm master.

Gathering up his spiritual power, Austin produced another Spiritual Sense Flying Needle and controlled it to shoot towards Scott's brain.

Sharp pain forced Scott to pause and shake the feeling off.

Nigel, Elton, and Lyle noted the pause and realized Austin was attacking him with spiritual-sense skills.

All three seized the opportunity and attacked Scott in sync. Nigel's Ghost Shadow Chop, Elton's Black Demonic Foot, and Lyle's level three low-grade spiritual weapon charged at the enemy simultaneously.

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